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    Will the exit exam for all the MBBS graduates reduce the cost of medical education?

    Government is planning for an exit exam for all the MBBS students, who are either Indian educated or foreign educated. It is sometimes argued that the private medical colleges lobby is influencing the MCI to have a tough Foreign Medical Graduate Test(screening test) for foreign educated doctors in order to discourage students from leaving the country to pursue medical education in foreign countries at cheaper rates. Even though some private medical colleges do not maintain the standards, they charge hefty amount of money for each MBBS seat. But there is no MCI screening test for Indian students, who are pursuing medical education in private colleges. In this context, will the common exit exam for all MBBS graduates reduce the cost of medical education in India because of competition from foreign universities?
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    Perhaps we need go that far. There are simpler basics. A medical degree i.e. MBBS ( leave aside BDS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS etc. which are not even poor cousins of MBBS) is perhaps the most coveted degree in India. Since the number of medical seats in Government medical colleges are limited for general category candidates, there is a mind boggling premium involved in securing a seat in a private medical college in India. There is very strong lobby working for medical education in India. I remember having read that close to 80 Member of Parliaments are somehow connected to the medical education in India directly or indirectly.
    I am wondering as what impact such a scenario will have on the quality and cost of medical treatment for a common man. Only few days back we had heard the news about surgical operation on other leg of an individual in a reputed hospital at Delhi.

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