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    What would be the difficulty for a newsreader and anchor to perform his/her Job?

    We know if there is a problem there is an opportunity but we see the Television newsreader and anchors are getting well paid for the Television shows for just reading the script and as well as radio jockeys e.t.c..Do you find any difficulty in reading news which exist in front of them or time passing with his/her sweet voice for anchoring the shows.Do you find any difficult with this type of Jobs.Even they may not be naturally beautiful or handsome only thing they have to read the respective language with clear tone even though they don't have good knowledge on the subject.Knowledgeable members respond to this question.
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    A freelance casual news reader was fired by the India's state television channel Doordarshan news for referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping as 'Eleven' Jinping in the year 2014 during the visit of Chinese President. She had mis-understood 'Xi' as 'eleven' as written in roman numerals. The above example amply illustrates the professional hazards associated with the job of a news anchor.
    Generally such candidates should not only have good accent and a flair for the job of a news anchor, but should have good general knowledge also and keep themselves abreast with the current affairs. They should have a presentable personality also.
    The spokes persons of the various political parties are also selected based on their experience and maturity in talking about the sensitive issues.
    I vividly remember sterling performances of Salma Sultan, Ramu Damodaran, Rini Simon Khanna, Komal GB Singh, Vinod Dua, Prannay Roy and many others on this occasion.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    News reading is not a easy job and one must have the knowledge of current happenings in politics and other things as the new presenter is going to act on his or her own decision. In Telugu news channel TV9 I have seen the news presenters wont read the written script and in fact go on air live with their own version even though they may fumble but that is excused. Many a times I have seen the news presenters taking live interview with the common people, police officials , law enforcing agencies and others during live programs. In that case a novice cannot sit there and do news reading. So we cannot take the job of news reader a routine one and easy.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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