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    Biggest snake of the world:Anaconda

    Almost all of us have watched the famous movie 'Anaconda', which was released in 1997. Anacondas are considered the largest snakes on earth. References are being made to this giant snake in a number of horror movies, where the audience is scared with the idea that the anaconda has the ability to swallow adults.

    Green anaconda is said to be the heaviest as well as the largest snake, which can reach up to 24 ft. There have been several snakes identified which are nearly 17 ft in length. A normal adult green anaconda usually measures around 16 to 18 ft. The heaviest of the species is one which weighs around 545 pounds, while the longest has a length of around 28 ft. There have been reports about anacondas which are as long as 43 ft or even longer. However, there is no concrete proof that a snake of such length exists.

    Many people have made an attempt to catch a snake that would support this claim. Although it sounds incredulous, it is true that a prize money of US$ 50,000 has been announced for the lucky person who would manage to catch an anaconda which is 33 ft or longer.
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    Frank;y speaking we came to know about the word Anaconda only after that picture was released and that made every one to ponder over. Never ever people seen big snakes an mentioned and that is the reason big prize money also announced.
    K Mohan
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    The longest anaconda which was verified by the reputed sources has so far been 17.1 ft only. The giant anacondas portrayed in the popular film Anaconda appears to be mythical only. Anacondas are found in South America.
    In south Asia the longest snakes found are pythons. The longest scientifically recorded python was found in Pakistan which was measured 15.1 ft.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #569122: As per available records, the longest anaconda (captured) is 28 ft. The average length of an adult anaconda is 16 to 18 ft.
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    As far as my knowledge tells me, Pythons are the largest snakes. Anacondas are the heaviest snakes.
    Although both strangle their prey by ambush.
    Anacondas live in water most of the times.
    Pythons prefer both trees and waters.

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    I personally feel that we as humans and with ability to think, should wisely think and let these snakes free. It is stupidity to examine which snake is biggest and what it is capable of. By announcing a prize amount what will they achieve. All they will end up doing is harm to that innocent species of snake. This cannot be called as a healthy inquisitive nature of human beings. This can be called as unhealthy nature of human being to treat other animals bad. Saying that they are preserving species of other living being they catch such innocent creatures and torture them to death.

    I'm unhappy to see that they actually announced a price money to catch an anaconda. Recently I also heard another news where people in zoo drug tigers and lions for the tourists to take photographs with them. This is very bad. I don't understand what pleasure they get by doing all these things. Simply unacceptable.

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    S Balasubramanian

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    People do many incredible things for fame, name and money. People nurture their mustaches to find their names in Guiness Book of World Records. Ladies develop their nails and hair to see their names in record books. Similarly many people try to catch the largest anaconda (but not to kill it!) to get the huge prize money.
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