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    What tools do you use when studying maths?


    Do you have any tips on what I could use to improve my math skills?

    Right now I'm just using my text book, it works but I get stuck a lot!

    Thank you in advance
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    I have tried a new website called "Learner". It's like a chat with a tutor but for free.

    I just signed up here:

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    For practicing mathematics following three tools are required -
    1. Some surface to write. It may be a note book or surface of black board/white board or even ground.
    2. A writing instrument like pen, pencil or chalk stick.
    3. A source of good questions to work on them for solving.
    In addition to above a passion for learning mathematics is required.
    One should solve as many questions/problems as possible. That is the only way to learn mathematics. At the time of solving each new problem, application of mind is required which enables the student to learn. Earlier there used to be log tables for calculations. I don't know if the same are still used by the students in schools/colleges or not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Hello Olof Bjering,
    Improving math skills means improving logical thinking and improving speed. To improve speed, practice as many problems (from internet, text books etc,.) as you can. To improve logical thinking, practice as many models of problems (from internet, text books etc,.) as you can. I can't suggest you more as you didn't mention what you are studying now.

    Let us continue learning.

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