How many of you know 'Shajahaanaabaad'?

Till 1639 Agra was the capital for Moghuls. Then King Shajehan decided to shift the capital to the place pleasant to his mind. So, he decided to form a city according to his pleasure at the banks of river Yamuna. He with thousands of workers formed a city in the banks of river Yamuna in nine years had work. On 29/4/1639 Bhoomi Pooja was laid. Ustad Heeraa,Ustad Hameed two workers started first dig in the land. After total construction of the city was over the King Shah Jehan named all streets with the names of the workers on the project. On 19/04/1648, through the entrance from River Yamuna by opening the siver doors of the Palace, shajehan entered into the Palace.
Shahjahaanaabad is the place later called as Delhi. The present old Delhi is the Shajahaanaabaad