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    If you really want to lead an adventurous life, join the armed forces.

    If you really want to lead an adventurous life, you should join the Armed Forces. All the three forces viz Army, Navy and Airforce provide us adventurous life. Life in our borders and in the mountain ranges with shivering cold; life at sea during rough weather with rolling and pitching; life in the air, flying high at higher speed etc. Finally fighting with the enemy is a great adventurous activity. One should be fortunate enough to be a member of the Armed Forces to serve our country by leading an adventurous life.

    Members, Do you support my statement or have something else to say?

    @ My entry for TOW on 'Adventure'
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    I don't think anyone can get a job there and they will be qualified for it that easily. Leaving the adventure part, people who are planning to join Armed forces need high level of dedication and passion towards what they do. Not everyone will be able to accomplish such great things. If their motive is to serve the country, they will be highly willing to take up such risks but if their motive is just adventure, I don't think they will survive there for longer time.

    You can read many stories about various soldiers who stay in camps in the forest in stealth modes. They will have to be in the same position for several hours and even several days. If they are spotted the who plan will be collapsed. So considering the fact that this is risky, apart from the adventure part, they all need a push on other aspects like saving the country, in order to be able to do something like this. Another sad thing is that they will not be able to lead a normal life. They will be exposed to danger easily more than the adventure that they get.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    Just understand this fact. "Adventure thy name is risk." Adventure cannot be without risk. If not, it would be known as picnic or a jolly trip. An ordinary person cannot get into adventurous activities. Men and women joining the armed forces are trained to perform adventurous activities. Though it may be a routine activity, it is certainly and adventurous activity. Anyone who wishes to be an adventurer should be fearless and should be able to face any situation. None other than the Armed forces can provide us such an adventuring activity.

    Most of the adventurers are from the Armed forces. The personnel from Armed forces train and help the civilian public to undertake adventurous activities.

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    As far as I was thinking, adventure is also one type of fun but it may not be the case all the time. Like i said some of the activities may be adventurous but some tasks are the ones that even people who like adventures will not love to do. Being fearless and facing any type of risk can be possible only for few but practically people initially start off looking for some actual adventures in armed forces but it doesn't happen all the time.

    It usually take quite some time for people to get into actual field work. Initially they will be undergoing some tough training and it takes lots of time for someone to get to actual field work. In most of the cases they loose their interest in the state of training itself.

    I have heard a few experiences from some of the soldiers from our Jammu and Kashmir border. They explain how deadly it will be for them. Even the village people there suffer every day. Also we are loosing many soldiers almost every day in the border. We are not getting any news about it.

    So in my opinion it is not adventurous and easy all the time. It is also deadly and disgusting.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

    Quote: "It doesn't matter what we want. once we get it, then we want something else."

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    Adventure to an ordinary citizen is a temporary one time joy and pleasure with risk, but for the men of the armed forces, it is a permanent all time joy and pleasure with risk.

    Let us discuss: Who else can have an adventurous life on this earth than the personnel of the Armed forces?

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    Adventure and adventorous life are not same. We must join armed forces to lead a disciplined life.
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    Yes I agree with the author that working in armed forces is very adventurous and in fact I was very much interested to join Indian Air force, but not selected for simple reason of sweating in the palm and that shattered my dream.
    K Mohan
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    Joining the armed forces is by choice. The person joining armed forces knows fully well under which conditions he has to live. Living in dangerous areas and doing tough jobs is a part of their training and duty. It is not adventure by choice but as a part of duty. The real adventurer is one who takes an adventurous task by choice.
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    One need not to join the armed forces to seek adventure. A lot many activities can provide you with adventure, even without joining the armed forces. Just go for mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, trekking, deep sea diving, hang gliding, a photographer or researcher with NGC or discovery channel, and you will get a bagful of adventurous activities to take part in. Working in the armed forces is more about leading a disciplined life, as already mentioned by one of the members. Once in the armed forces, you have to sacrifice on lot many aspects. As someone has also mentioned, it's not adventure by choice in the armed forces, it's mostly as part of your duty to the nation. You get pleasure in an adventurous activity, when you do it of your own free willing, not, when you do it as part of your routine job. A service in the armed forces is a lot more than mere adventure. One who has served, knows it well.
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    By being a member of the Armed forces, one easily get an opportunity to participate in adventerous activities. Despite the war activity, the forces provide an opportunity for its men to involve in adventurous activities like mountaineering; rock climbing; trekking; diving; parachuting; sky diving; and many more.
    So, I must say - Join the forces to enjoy adventurous activities and be an adventurer.

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    Adventure is a part of the life of someone who is in the defense forces, one of the many aspects of their lives. Keeping other aspects aside for the purpose of this discussion, I would agree with Sun that being in the defense does give you better access to even normal adventure sports such as skydiving, parasailing, river rafting, skiing, etc. etc. Other than that, the constant traveling is also an adventure of sorts, discovering new places, having interesting experiences.
    If you want to be surrounded by like minded people who share your love for adventure, physical activity, supreme responsibility and duty, and most importantly, love for country and a wish to serve it, then join the defense forces.

    #569147 Balasubramanian, the training is usually either 1 year long or 4 year long before they are commissioned as officers. This is infact the most interesting part of the defense life, friendships formed at this stage last a life time. It is extremely tough true, but people don't get bored at this stage, it doesn't give you any chance to get bored. Exhausted, fatigued, burnt out, maybe... but never bored. Some do give up, which is good that they do it at the training stage itself.
    Plus it is usually the younger lot that are actually posted to many of the field posts. If you ever look at the number of MVC, PVC, VC holders, you will find that majority of them are under 30.

    #569157 Mr. Rao you contradicted your own statement. You said people join the forces by choice, then by the same logic the adventure that comes along is also by choice. :)


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    No one joins armed forces for the sake of adventure. Whatever adventurous activities that follow are part of training.

    With regards

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    Mr. KVR Rao.
    Many of us join the Armed forces with a motive to earn our bread in the world where unemployment persists. Most of them are poor by birth, Few of them are from the middle class. Few of them are rich enough. Though not by choice, they are forced to enjoy the adventurous life in the forces. One need not to spent to have such an excellent adventurous life. As a civilian, one has to struggle hard and pay through their nose to get prepared for adventurous activities. A civilian need to pay for his adventure, whereas a member from armed force is paid for his adventurous activities. The ultimate aim of adventurous activities in defence forces is to keep their men busy during the peace time, and keep them fit and perfect all time to fight during the war.

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    Mr Sun
    People join Armed Forces for various reasons like employment, keep the family tradition of one being in the Army, patriotism and liking towards the Armed Forces. The personnel of Armed Forces take to various adventurous activities as a part of their training and duty. For civilian, taking up an adventurous activity is mainly due to his interest and choice. No doubt a civilian has to spend lot of money for adventurous sports. Now in India there is no dearth of such people who can afford to pay big money for their enjoyment.

    With regards

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    Sun, you have touched a deserving topic. The courageous activities of our armed forces personnel.

    I see it not as simply adventure, but 'additional venture'. They take on their heads and shoulders a lot of additional ventures which a normal person dos not take. Much of these is for others benefit-that is the uniqueness.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    In addition to the Army, Navy and Air Force, the personnel of the paramilitary forces like Assam Rifles (AR), Border Security Force(BSF), Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), National Security Guard (NSG), Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) etc. also render yeomen service to the nation and such services also provide adventurous opportunities to its members.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Venkiteswaran,Thanks. Very true that they undertake 'Additional Venture' which is more than 'Adventure'

    Dear Members,
    It is the Army, Navy and Airforce personnel who get into daring rescue mission during the natural calamities (Flood, cyclone, earthquake, Tsunami etc) who risk their life to rescue and save the affected. No civilian can dare to undertake such rescue action than the members of our defence forces. What can be more adventurous than this!

    No life without Sun ¤

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