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    Four to adore! An adventure everyday..

    Recently I was reading about the life and schedule of parents of quadruplets.The topic adventure can be beautifully applied to such parents for whom every single day or even minute is a new adventure as they care for their babies.Starting from birth,the adventure of caring for them starts and new surprises and challenges unfold.They need to be constantly on their toes and get used to the cries and screams of one baby or the other.Life is truly an amazing adventure and it's a momentous job in which support of family members and even neighbours is very well received and appreciated.After all who doesn't adore babies!
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    Wow what a nice topic on adventure. The other day I was watching a video of four children all born to a mother as quadruplicates was seen very busy as children make much nuances one after and other and I fear the mother wont any rest for some minutes even. Really that was adventurous life.
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    Yes I strongly agree that people with more than one kid find it very challenging to take care of their kid. In some situations if both the kids are of small age difference, it becomes hectic for the parents to take care of the kids. In most of the situations only the mother will be put into such tough situations where father will be busy with his office or other works. Some parents are lucky where they will get assistance from the grand parent to help them out. But it doesn't work for all the parents. Some of the parents who are from nuclear family will find it highly challenging to have a control on both the kids.

    In olden days that was the reason why they had joint families. In some condition if the parents are unable to take care of the kids, someone in the family will take up the task and the actual parents will find it revealed. The other advantage is that the kids will also get exposure to many people helping it to learn a lot from different people. There will always be someone to entertain the kid in the joint family system. Now working women are leaving their kids in child care places and collect the kids when they are back from their office. This cannot be considered adventurous but a sad situation that is prevailing.

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    I am responding to this thread to place it in the front page of forum index.
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    What to talk about raising the quadruplets, even raising a single kid is nothing short of an adventure. As a matter of fact the life of the parents gets totally transformed as never before after birth of their child, particularly when they are not living in a joint family system.
    At all stages of their growth, be it infancy, toddler hood, pre-school stage, school going period or adolescent, the challenges are enormous and not far between.
    The couples who raise quadruplets deserve kudos from the mankind as a whole for their contribution in development of the society.

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    You deserve comment for the way you chose the topic and linked t to the keyword.
    Though you term it as adventure it is a really fun-filled, heart fulfilling , rewarding adventure.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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