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    Do a daughter after marriage will take care of her old parents?

    Generally if a parent has son and daughter the daughter after marriage will go to husbands house and look after the husband mother and father when they became old the son will take care of the parents when but if a parent has only daughters(single or multiple) then the daughter will look after her parents in addition to husband parents?Is it possible in practical scenario the daughter husband will allow to look after the wife parents?Now a days the sons are sending the parents to old age homes. Knowledgeable members please respond to this question.
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    It depends primarily on the following factors -
    1. The education level and earning capacity of the wife. In case she is earning adequately, she will have her say in such matters.
    2. Wealth of the wife's parent e.g. in case the wife is the only child and her parents have lot of property and bank balance then her husband may also take interest in looking after his in-laws.
    3. If the husband belong to comparatively poorer family, then the wife may play a dominating role in such matters.
    4. Since ages many husbands reside with their in-laws and look after them as if they are their son particularly in cases when the in-laws have no son.
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    Well this is a tricky question because, not every one gets that cozy atmosphere in the husbands house to have the liberty also to look after the parents. Only yesterday I came across a news of one my distant relative who was very rich and was having only daughter. But daughter after marriage went to settle in Australia and before going she admitted her mother in a old age home. Since father and mother are not in good terms, she put father in other care home. Now the old women has died. Message sent to daughter. But she wont come. The cremation was done with the advise of society heads but the fact is that mother was left in lurch by the daughter and her life was just shattered.
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    In the case of parents who have only daughters will have no other option. My grandfather and grandmother was in that situation but he was taken care by his son in laws. They had three daughters and after marriage of all 3 he had no place to stay and there was no source of income for him. But they were and are being taken care by the father in laws.

    There are also cases where the son in laws will not be happy for the father in laws and mother in laws to stay with them. We can see cases where Son's father and mother are being sent to old age homes so it is quite obvious that for someone who has only daughters it is difficult to stay in daughters house as she belongs to some other house. But they have no other option. In the case of parents who have good wealth this will not be a problem at all as they will anyway take care of themselves with the wealth that they have. But in order to be independent it becomes difficult and especially during the old age they will definitely need someone to take care of them.

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    I am very much fortunate in this case. I have no brother and we are 3 sisters. Now, we all are married and my old parents were staying far from us.
    On our request, they bought a new flat in Mumbai and shift here recently. All three of us have families allowing us to support our parents. Even my husband also supports my father a lot in everything because it is not very easy to shift from your roots in old age.


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