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    I made my boss a multi-milllionaire – A story from a Mango

    I made my boss a multi-millionaire.

    Hi Mango lovers, I am from the south. My name is Banganapalli. I have something to tell you about me and my boss in simple English. It was on 15th August 1947. I was hanging on a roadside tree and was about to fall on the ground. Suddenly came a bicycle with a father and son. They stopped under me to take rest. While the father was resting under the tree, his son climbed on my tree and plucked me. They carried me home. They cut me into pieces and tasted me. The boy said,"Dad, This mango is very tasty. Can't we grow a tree from this seed." Dad said,"Yes. Why not?"

    They went and consulted a farmer and learned the art of growing a mango tree. He prepared my seed and planted it. He cared and nurtured me well. I grew well and started yielding. I could give birth to more than 1000 Banganapallies. They earned a lot by selling us in the market. His son said,"Dad, can't we grow more such trees and earn lot? Dad agreed.

    They spared about 108 mangoes to grow, and with the money they earned with the balance mangoes, purchased one-acre farm land. They planted 108 trees to care and nurture. By the year 1960, all the 108 trees came to a yielding stage. Every plant produced not less than 1000 mangoes in a year.

    Then they purchased 200 acres farm land and cultivated 10000 trees. Further, they thought of having a factory to produce mango juice and market it. They succeeded in their attempt. They named their brand as 'Manban' (Combining Mango and Banganapalli). This juice attracted the foreigners. It has become an export quality.

    In the year 2001, he had 20,000 acres of farm land with 10,00,000 mango trees. He named his grand daughter as 'Bangana' and his grandson as 'Banganapal'. As of now, there are more than 10000 labourers working under him. He has also opened a scheduled bank named 'Banbank'. He has also constructed a temple and named it as 'Banganapalli Amman Temple'. He also has a charity trust called 'Banganapalli Charity Trust'.

    Now, my boss is a multi-millionaire. He has been titled as 'Mango King'. He bought 100 kg gold and made a big golden Banganapalli (it's me) and kept it in a big show case in front of his house, guarded by a security guard . Every day he kisses me with love and great respect.

    @ This is my entry for Me, a Mango creative writing contest.
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    Mentioning about Banganapalli mangoes brings water in the mouth as many likes this good variety which not only tastes and that cannot be concealed from children as they are very fond of it.
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    Banganapalli is a large mango. Its colour is golden yellow, which makes it very attractive. The flesh of fruit is firm, fibreless. Each mango weighs on an average 350-400 gram. The taste is very good with good storage quality. It is a mid season variety and is of export quality.
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