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    When 8 years at the disposal why AP CM wants employees and departments to shift in huff ?

    We all know that two years back AP was bifurcated and made into Telangana and AP with a rider that AP has the share of every thing in Hyderabad and they can continue in this city for 10 years. But AP CM Chandrababu Naidu does not want to stay here nor his government to function from Hyderabad. Now a temporary offices has been created to shift entire Ministerial departments, secretariat and employees to new capital and the basics are not yet complete. Almost all the employees have been shifted but there is larger criticism that once more such shifting as to be done to the real capital in making at Amaravati. So why government spending on transports, shifting and transfers ?
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    It is not easy to shift people from the place where they lived since generations to new city. Many people may go even to the extent of taking voluntary retirements in case they are compelled by the circumstances to leave the place where they have their ancestral house and relatives. Many Government employees do some part time jobs also or directly/indirectly involved in the family business.
    The first to take interest and move to the new places are generally businessmen. They see opportunity to open all kind of business establishments in the new city. Even some enterprising skilled workers like car/scooter mechanics, electronics repairmen and such other service providers avail the opportunity to expand their businesses.
    I remember one very nostalgic remark in such matters. During migration many people feel attachment to the cremation grounds also where their forefathers were cremated.

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    Do you want to say that N Chandrababu Naidu will be remembered as the Muhammad bin-Tughlaq of Andhra Pradesh? (Just joking!)
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    It is because Executive was working from Vijayawada and Administration was working from Hyderabad. So, there was some coordination problems happening and file movement was difficult.
    Chandra Babu moved to Vijayawada because KCR was creating problems for him and his party in Hyderabad.

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    The State is divided into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Ten years time is given to Andhra Pradesh to establish a new capital city. Until then Hyderabad is the common capital of these two States. When a time frame is given, it is better to develop a new capital as early as possible and shift the administration from Hyderabad to the new capital. Chandrababu Naidu is doing the same. There is no point in staying at Hyderabad until last moment. This gives scope to the Government to function effectively and hasten the development program.
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    Now the children of employees shifted are the worst sufferers as they cannot leave the school or college in middle and how that could be addressed ?
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    I can say the leader is in a hurry. Added to this his counterpart in Telengana appeared to have an upper hand over the common capital for 10 years and the blunder made by the UPA Government is another reason. The 'cash for vote' issue has been mishandled to fix the Chief Minister by trying to tap the telephones of the AP Government machinery. All these factor made him to shift to the new capital and I don't think it is wrong to move forward with a vision and to ensure the overall development of the state by monitoring from a place where it is administratively feasible.

    Yes, the kids of the state employees studying at Hyderabad would be sufferers but the CM has assured for their protection and educational needs.


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