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    Is it worth trying when the results are foreknown?

    Generally it is believed that one should try his/her best irrespective of the outcome. Also one's role is limited to performing his/her duty ('karma'), without thinking too much about the result etc. It is also said that participation is more important in any activity, not the results.
    However one question often haunts me.
    Should one try even if the results are foreknown?
    In the society there are many examples of bias and favoritism. There are biases on the basis of caste, religion, region, language , gender or many such other factors. Not only that while appearing in very challenging competitive examinations also, sometimes it is foreknown that the individual concerned has no chance of winning or clearing the examination.
    Is it worth trying when the results are foreknown?
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    Though results are foreknown, participation is very important to gain experience in life. At times, the result could be reversed in favour.

    Unless you buy a lottery ticket, you cannot think of becoming crorepati. Hence, we should try our best even if results are foreknown.

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    I would like to compare the situation of Kali Yuga with the context of this discussion. It is believed that in Kali Yuga everything will be bad and all the cruel things will happen and that is how the world will end. But the fact is that the scriptures say that we should not stop what we are doing. If our nature is to be good we should retain that nature and be helpful to everyone. Like to modern butterfly theory everything in this world has a link with every other thing. Accepting the fact that not everything is known to man or science yet, we should not stop from trying things in spite of knowing that we are not going to be victorious. There can be cases where miracles can happen.

    If you are a believer of God or Nature or what ever you call it as, you should have a strong belief in mind that even during the last minute there can be a miracle happening to give you victory. Even a person who is at peak can go down in no time and even a person who is in a very low level can go up in no time. So its our Karma to do what we are supposed to do. So never give up.

    But there will also be cases where you can step away. If you are well aware that there is no use in explaining someone about the reality and truth and if he is still adamant. You can walk away from him so that not to get influenced by him and watch how Karma works. If he is lucky enough he will learn it by himself.

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    As an optimist, I strongly believe that no result is foreknown. We must try our level best and wait for the result. Even if we are not successful, we will get valuable experience, which helps us in future.

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