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    Think Life as an Adventure to enjoy every moment

    Enjoy every moment in life. Up's and down's are common and it is a part of life. But what is a life without any difficulties? It becomes plain and boring; also there will be no thrill at all. Think of life as an Adventure and you will enjoy every moment of it. When you think of life as an adventure, you get excited on what you are doing and nothing will stop you from moving on as adventurous is thrilling. If you know life is adventurous, you won't refrain from moving forward through up's and down's of life. Up's and down's are the life's adventurous way to teach you about life and give you experiences on that. So enjoy every moment of it and keep moving no matter what. Be excited in what you are doing every day, weather it is a small job or a big one do it with full dedication and excitement and you will enjoy it. Famous American author William Feather has also quoted "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure". So think life as an adventure and make maximum out of it.
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    Adventures are engaging in a daring or risky activity. Human life is perhaps the biggest adventure as nobody knows that when the death will come and in what form and format. Not only driving or walking on roads , but climbing a staircase and taking bath in the bathroom are also adventures. Many people slip in bathroom, get serious head injuries and die.
    Despite knowing that the life is unpredictable, laughing and smiling are adventures. But perhaps most of the people are ignorant about the vagaries of life and take it lightly. Such people sometimes get shocks of their life on receiving some unexpected bad news.

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