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    How best to handle dilemmatic situations?

    People often come across many dilemmatic situations in life. In such situations one has to choose between options, all of which seems equally unfavorable or unsatisfactory. Consulting others including relatives and friends doesn't help much.
    Consider a situation when a student has got admission in a college which is not very good and he/she has to pay fee before the last date which is tomorrow or wait for the outcome of the yet another counselling session at a better college.
    I think during the finalization of most of marriage cases also, such situations emerge.
    How best to handle such dilemmatic situations?
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    Every one will be in dilemma for one or the other thing. It is quite common. It I am in dilemma for small things, I just take one random decision and won't think of it again. But if I have to choose among various important option, then I seek advice and suggestion from elders as they can guide me. But usually I do what I feel. One way I was told to do if I am dilemma is to toss a coin keeping our option on either side each. When the coin flips in air, we automatically think of which side should face upward and we can go for option that was kept on that side. When we are praying for any particular side to face upwards, then we strongly want to go with option on that side but we're in dilemma with other side for small reason. So if you are not able to decide, then flip a coin and automatically your mind will read which option to be selected.

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    In such situations I will always get expert advise from many people to approach the situation from various perspective. But finally decision will be mine. But I will not usually take lots of time to take that decision. I will mostly take immediate decision in such situations and make sure it is wise decision in all perspective. If at all something goes wrong I will not feel for it. I always feel that even though we are the one sitting here and playing the game, there is actually someone sitting above and make us play the game. So all we have to do is to just do our part. All other things will definitely be taken care by the creator who created us.

    I have also seen situations where if you keep thinking too much you will not end up with any proper solution but instead it will lead to complications. You will definitely not be happy about it and you will end up thinking about it continuously. So quick decisions will sometimes be helpful to overcome dilemma and you should forget about that topic after the decision is made.

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    S Balasubramanian

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    Reading your post reminded me of all the times I faced the exact same dilemma in choosing a college at all three stages - UG, PG, Doctorate. In such a situation the only thing I can suggest - go with your gut and stick with the choice/decision you make. Don't regret it later. Remember that at that time, it seemed like the better one of all available choices.
    While discussing with family and friends can be useful sometimes, however, avoid simply choosing their verdict directly. If you do, then if the decision doesn't pan out well, you will end up blaming those who drove you towards making that decision. So it is better to make ones own decision.
    Making a list of pros and cons of all options can also help bring things into clearer perspective so that the decision can be made with more ease.


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    What I feel that nothing satisfies than our own decision and action which not only reflects our potential but also show case the strength and guts within us. We have to mold our life in such a way that even in the worst case we must walk with high esteem. Yes some of the decisions has to be taken in split of seconds and we need not wait for others to advice. For example if you are driving a car or scooter, on the road there are tricky situations you face and maneuver the vehicle safely, like wise you must handle the life in such a way that every tricky situation is addressed well or taken alternate decision before the event is going to expire or getting rid off.
    K Mohan
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    In the case of the student, it is better to get admitted into the college in which he got admission. If he waits for a better college he may not get admission there depending upon the rank he obtained in the entrance examination.
    In any situation when one is in dilemma to take a decision, it is better to take advise of others and based on that the person can make his own judgement and take a decision.
    In marriages also leaving the match that is available and waiting for a better match may not be good. As the age increases, the chances of a better match recede. In all these situations it better to weigh the options and take own decision is better.

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