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    MAA Awards Program turned as Chiru’s promotional event for more than one hour

    Mega star Chiranjeevi, very famous and a well known person for Telugu people. He has got many fans through his acting and other social activities. Numbers of fans are eagerly waiting for his 150th movie. It was delayed from so many days. Actually, he does not have time to spend on this or took a long break. The reasons may be anything. Every year MAA TV presents awards to the actors and based on categories. It will conduct SMS request from the audience and final selection will be done to those who have scored with high rank.

    MAA TV invited Chiru and the promotions done about him for more than an hour. Many actors are on the waiting list to took the award. How do you feel about it? Mainly, Chiru fans, is this good?
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    We all know that Chiranjeevi has lost his name and fame in politics and that is the reason being so he is coming back to movies. His 150 th film going to be the talk of the town and surely MAA must have been paid for organizing the Chiru show in detail. Now a days it has become fashion for new films to launch through any serial or reality show. So there is nothing wrong If Chiru chose this way. But giving one hour time for his film promotion is something which cannot be digested for the fans of other heroes. MAA must work under its rules.
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    Chiranjeevi not only lost his good name but also gained a bad name after he entered into politics. Even though he entered into politics, I liked him as an actor. But now, I don't. Some people are claiming that the upcoming film is his 150th film. But, it is not. According to Wikipedia, Bruce Lee is his 150th film including guest roles. If we don't count guest roles, the upcoming film will be his 149th film as a hero. If that film fails at the box office, he may call another movie as his 150th film. And I really didn't like the one full hour promotion of his upcoming film. Not only me, many other people felt unhappy with that. Anyway, he is a good actor. And he has some fans left. So, the film may be a success.

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    Chiranjeevi is the king of Tollywood they are so many people who lost their name and fame enter into poliitics for example N.T.R remarried a married woman without divorcing are n't we praising N.T.R.So Chiranjeevi as an actor I like him and truly he is a legend of Southern India.
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    There is nothing wrong if Chiranjeevi takes one hour for his promotions in MAA TV. We know that Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna are still owners of MAA TV though some stake of MAA TV is acquired by Star India. As owners of MAA TV, they can decide which programs to be broadcasted. In India, if we can see a kind of media, which always boasts a single party like Sakshi TV boasting to YSRCP and AndhraJyothy boasting to TDP, what is wrong if MAA TV boasts Chiranjeevi when he tries to return to film industry again. We know that Chiranjeevi is a kind of actor, who can do acting as well as action, a quality that we rarely see in new generation actors. So, there is nothing wrong if he showcases his acting/dancing skills after many years.

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