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    High qualified professionals commit suicide – why?

    We have recently heard the suicide news about Dr. Shashi.
    And now, one more news like this. The first Indian women cab driver (Bharathi veerat) commits suicide in her room. I think she inspired so many other woman. Now, we can find number of women cab drivers in our country. She also got an excellent award member. You can see the picture in the attachment.

    It is very sad news to hear. Why these famous people commit suicide like this? What makes them to do so?

    Generally, a person goes into depression for what they will not get for a long period. At this time, their family should give mental support to him. A research says that friends support works as the best medicine to get rid of all worries. Do you find any other reason behind this. Please share.
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    "Manam Oru Kurangu" a Tamil saying. It means that our mind is like a Monkey that behaves indifferently time to time. Many minds are not steady. To have a steady mind one has to have peace of mind. In the absence of peace in our mind, our mind wavers and tempts to do something abnormal. Suicide is one such thing that is caused due to wavering of mind. Yoga and meditation would help to overcome such mind wavering.
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    Whether one is highly qualified or not, the life process goes through ifs and buts and also through various challenges triggering in aggression and also giving a feeling of staying aloof. Very few people have the guts to face the zig zag situations of life and many succumb to the happenings silently. One may get awards and rewards for achievement and success but when it comes to taking some strong decisions in life many fails. That is the reason being so even professionals chose the way of getting rid of life soon as they cannot cope up with chequered life.
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    Underneath the position, qualification and profession, all are human beings. There are times when one feels totally helpless and isolated. Some soon get out of such situation and regain normalness. Others succumb to the reasons.

    Many such unfortunate incidents could have been avoided if outside help came on time, in required measure and the victim was given courage and security to survive.

    It is easy to theorise on another's actions and inactions or overact ions. Let us pray that such unfortunate happenings do not occur.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    The thought of suicide is coming into one within a fraction of second. But the thing is lack of self analysis in themselves leads to commit further. No people is thinking about their own mistakes or wrongs or errors but they are just thinking that their own problem is greater than that of any person. In many tv serials also they are telling,'Why it is happening to me only?'.
    When we analyses the educated one's suicide commitment,we can see there the problem of incapacity of tolerating anything away from their own thoughts.

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