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    Safety is an important aspect of adventurous activity

    Adventure exists in every aspect of our life but our perspective varies about it. Adventure is thrill, excitement, joy, courage, enthusiasm or an amazing experience that adds zest to our life. People indulge in various adventurous activities like paragliding, sky diving, cliff diving, water rafting, trekking, visiting unknown places, mountain climbing, and many more for fun or to overcome their stressful routine life. But it is important to known that adventure and potential risk go hand in hand, with unknown consequences. However one's adventure should not risk or put others life in danger.

    In recent times, the incidence of street racing has gained popularity as adventurous activities among college teenagers and young adults in search of adrenaline rush. Street racing by these immature youth have serious and deadly disadvantages. The incompetent youth drive aggressively, recklessly, break signals, dodge and speed up through the city's public roads resulting in road accidents and loss of innocent lives. These youth not only risk their life buts also put others life in danger. Life is too precious to waste it for someone's reckless mistake. Safety is an important aspect of adventurous activity. One should take responsibility for their action and be disciple in life. It is not wrong to indulge in racing activities, but it should be done on proper racing tracks with safety equipments, basic training and under guidance so that the experience can be remembered for the right reason.
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    Yes I do agree with the author that safety also plays important role in undertaking adventurous life. I have seen some youth doing tricks on bikes on the Necklace Road much to the amusement of others and self. But just imagine they are doing all those tricks which are dangerous and without wearing the head gear or helmet. Even a small skid can cause untold misery and even loss to life. Likewise I am also watching reality shows on Tamil Zee channel which shows husband and wife put to various torture kind of tests which not only speaks about endurance and at the same time adventure too. But participants are invariably injuring themselves in large without taking ample safety measures. For example a participant wife made to walk on a bar with blind folded and beneath that water pool is there. Though she was tied with rope as safety measure, Imagine when she slips and her two legs splits each side and the eventual injury ?
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