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    Do you believe in hypnotism - a wonder science?

    Few days back I came across a program on hypnotics where the one who hypnotizes made the hypnotized person to totally forget the number 4 and seemed to have temporarily erased it off completely from her memory that she couldn't even make sense of the word 'four' when he spelled it out!

    I just couldn't believe what I'm seeing but I'm sure that it wasn't a drama since this program was authentically a science related one.

    Members, do any of you have experience in this science called hypnotism? Is this 100% fool proof? If not, then how can we say it a science and if yes, then why don't we see many people pursuing it given the fact that it seems very mysterious, attractive and interesting?
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    Yes Hypnotism is the wonder science and those who have practiced it with total dedication and following the rules have been successful. In this regard I credit the Muslims who follow this science regularly and largely. Once my relative was hypnotized by a Muslim person who came in the guise of seeking some alms to a mosque. In the process , he was totally taking control of her and she voluntarily taken her gold chain and gave it to him. On seeing a third person entering the gate, the neighbors got alerted and prevail on the person and got back the chain. Like wise one my friend was going on the road, two muslim persons was chasing him to part with some money. As he refused to them and started running, he fell down and broken his bone.
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    We have had many discussions on hypnotism in the past in the ISC forum. It is not yet recognised as a scientific discipline.
    However hypnotherapy is used by psychologists for treating certain conditions like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, anxiety, pain management etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash ji, Could you please share your thoughts on why it is not yet accepted as a full fledged science in spite of the fact that it is proven to produce results and training can be imparted too?

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    Kalpana, science actually run beside our life. Even we walk, it is a science. How do we walk? What gets movement so our legs get forward? Everything is science surrounded by us. So, yes hypnotism too is itself a science.

    It might have discussed in forum "many" times but this is interesting subject always to discuss. So, don't get discouraged if such comments comes on your way. You are a new member, post your genuine thought without thinking that whether it has been posted in forum or not.

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    Kalpana (#569386) - Being a science student myself, when I say science then I don't mean the word science as it appears in the subjects like political science or home science etc. There is a scientific methodology which establishes the facts in no uncertain terms. Presently it is not well understood as to how the human mind works and there is always a mystery which shrouds the art, skill or technique of hypnosis. That way even Psychology is not considered a hardcore science subject.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Hypnotism can be used for both good and bad effects. People use different techniques and some people even use it as a business. It is quite true that people can easily use hypnotism as a tool to control others and control their actions. I believe in hypnotism as I have seen some people use it and call it spell casting.
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    As Kailash sir had said this is discussed in my recent threads I came to a conclusion hypnotism is a Science there is a drug called hypnotic drug which can be given to a culprit to get truth out of him.
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    Kailash ji, when I said 'if yes, then why don't we see many people pursuing it given the fact that it seems very mysterious, attractive and interesting', I too meant it only as a branch of study for students (specifically in India) to pursue. As you yourself said, psychology too is based on a similar aspect but still it is well recognised as a branch of study for students to take up for graduation. So my question is, why not hypnotics then, when it is also proved to involve a systematic approach to produce desired results? What could be the limiting factor?

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