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    Are love affairs adventures of life?

    Adventures are generally understood to mean activities which involve unusual, exciting or daring experiences. The most commonly known adventurous activities are skydiving, mountain/rock climbing, river rafting or participation in extreme sports like formula one, paragliding, windsurfing etc.
    The potential risks involved in adventurous activities may not necessarily be only physical in nature. Broadly speaking activities involving financial and psychological risks can also be adventurous in nature e.g. gambling or over indulgence in stock trading involve financial risks.
    As far as psychological risks are concerned, perhaps the love affairs are the riskiest ventures or adventures. The people involved in love affairs never know as to when they will be ruined/devastated. Remember the love stories of Laila/Majnu, Salim/Anarkali and Romeo/Juliet etc. as examples.
    Nowadays there are not only the psychological or emotional risks, but physical risks to life like honor killing etc. also exist. Moreover even failed or one sided love affairs are fraught with the dangers of acid throwing etc.
    Irrespective of the various facets of the adventures associated with the love affairs, eloping with the love mate and performing marriage in a temple by circumambulating around the deity is patently an adventurous activity.

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    Not all the love affairs can be construed as adventures of life. Some love marriages and later agreed as arranged one with the adjustment mentality of the parents. But many couples are still living away from parents as they are either discarded or disowned by the parents for choosing love marriage instead of the arranged marriage. But I have seen some young couples ran away from other states and leading a challenging and adventures life of course with a lingering taste of togetherness which is always followed by fear and challenge.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, anyone can fall in love. He may be an intelligent or stupid but the one who is courageous and stands against all odds can only be the winner of love.

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    Love affair is not at all an adventurous activity. Eloping with a lovemate is a disrespectful activity against their family. The couples who elope and marry suffer without the support of their family. It is a trouble invited by themselves. An eloping couple always repent for their hurried act.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Sun, I differ with you. There may be some difficulties initially when there is no approval of elders for a love marriage but things will get settled in the long run as seen in many cases. Not all love marriages end in a failure or the couple repent for their action. Here comes the mutual understanding and the trust on each other. The things you were talking about may be real stories or reel stories of the past.

    But the scenario has changed in the present generation of parents and children. With the acceptance of elders of the both parties irrespective of caste, creed, religion or region, love marriages are accepted and being performed as arranged marriages.


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    Eloping with the partner with whom one is having intense love would seem to be a cowridice act. Such act may defined as a plutonic love and the intensity of love between them may diminish with the progression of time. Marriage between the two should form the basis of endless love and faith and such bondage should not cause any erosion with the time.

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    In earlier days when the interaction between unknown male and female was very rare, lover affairs were associated with romanticism, heroism and adventure. Many stories have been written in all Indian languages regarding unusual love affairs.

    However, now interaction between male and female have become a normal phenomenon. Physical closeness has caused loss of romanticism. Now love affairs have become very stale, I am sorry to say. Nowadays love affairs are associated with munching popcorn, going to cinema, meeting at designated spots, chatting by mobile, exchanging gifts on Valentine's Day, etc.

    Today love affairs have everything except romance and adventure!

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    Nowadays, the real meaning of love has been got vanished and presently the effect of love is not a real one but just infatuation. Marrying after love affairs may be adventure to the couple but for their parents? Their total expectations got vanished into air. Many parents went insane. Is such love necessary to this society by killing the parents of both sides physically or mentally? Above all nowadays the term love is used by even married people that is affairs with other's wife or husband. Is it justice? Present girls are telling that how they could marry a boy without knowing anything about him. But the question is when having a love affairs with another boy or girl how we can believe that they (the other side)are telling whole true?
    Totally love affairs are used in nowadays, for just time passing only.

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    I do not really understand some of the views expressed by our fellow members. I am strongly against the notion that all love affairs end in tragedy. That would just be a preconceived notion and nothing more than that.

    If you are really in love with someone and are confident of being able to take care of the family, you need not fear if you have to take an individual decision to get married.

    Well, I agree that there are cases where the so called love could only be an infatuation and may wear out as the time progresses, but grouping all love affairs or love marriages under a single category would not be a practical idea.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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