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    How travelling in over crowded public transport systems differ from normal travelling?

    I have traveled many times in over crowded public transport systems, the worst being perhaps the local trains of Mumbai. All those having bought first class passes by spending more, make it a point to enter only the limited first class compartments which makes it even more over crowded.
    Also I have traveled in the over crowded buses of Mumbai also.
    However, once I had to detrain while traveling in a train despite having confirmed reservation as due to some political rally in the city, the passengers had sort of hijacked the train.
    Let us share our experiences about travelling in any over crowded public transport system.
    How travelling in over crowded public transport systems differ from normal travelling?
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    It is very difficult to travel in crowded transport. There will be no enough space to stand and even to move our hand or leg a little. Also it won't be comfortable and there might be stinking people also beside you sticking to the body. Normal transport will have enough space for a person to travel comfortably. Though public transport can not be as comfortable as personal transport. For long distance, I prefer travelling by in train and not by bus.

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    Since my childhood, I have been availing the public transport system. Even now I regularly use bus and metro rail, because I don't feel confident to drive my own vehicle on unruly Delhi roads. Moreover, I still don't have very good ideas about routes/roads of Delhi. My wife is taking full advantage of this and she is driving our vehicle, but that is a different issue!

    However, in my younger days, I didn't bother about crowded bus. Now, I try to avoid crowded bus or metro rail. Even if I am forced to take crowed bus, I enter inside the bus immediately, while in earlier day travelling on foot-board was considered a symbol of heroism (among boys). I also take care of my purse in crowded bus or metro, whereas in my childhood and during my youth, I was more carefree (partly because the content of my purse during those time would not attract the pickpockets).

    Time passes, memory remains!

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    Traveling in a over crowded bus is difficult and over crowded train is easy. In bus travel, there would be constant jerks, sudden breaks, unwanted stoppages and above all the bus travels slowly crossing all hurdles and signals. Those who have seat is good. But imagine the situation of passengers who have to travel standing for two to three hours. For example Bus from Secunderabad to Imbrahimpatnam usually takes two hours for journey and in peak hours it may touch 3 hours. Just consider if a passenger fails to get the seat and has to reach the destination desperately. Surely he has to stand changing the stance now and then. Remember for long distance buses you wont get the seats in between as no passenger would alight. But traveling crowded train is different. I have seen many passengers try to sit at the place where they ware standing. But I feel train passengers do get seats some how and not in the bus.
    K Mohan
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    Normal travelling? I couldn't get you right. Isn't it a matter of choice? I may choose my own means of transport if I can and have the means; what if I can't! Travelling is a necessity and I don't think one need to worry about the crowd if destination and necessity are your priorities.
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    During my childhood, travelling in a crowded bus was a pain to me and my parents. When I was in my teens, it was a joy to hang and travel. After my marriage, it was a worry to my wife. In my present age and stage it is a fear in my life.

    I generally avoid jounrney in a crowded bus or train. I wait for another bus. I reserve in trains and travel comfortably. I use my two wheeler for short distances for self/with wife . I use my car when we four members of our family plan to travel.

    What I feel is - It is better to travel in a crowded bus than using our vehicle in a jam packed traffic with no parking place to park our vehicles.

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    Nowadays the parking places too are generally over crowded. In different cities, different kinds of expertise is required to find a slot to park the vehicles. Apparently travelling in one's own vehicle has also become like travelling in crowded systems. There is no respite from 'crowd'.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am a student and i am going to college via public transport. Most of the time i experiences such situation like over crowded in the bus. All peoples travelling in the bus is not take care of students. They become angry when the bag is hitting them. They never understand such a situation. Those people never think that they also have children and they are also going to school by such situation.

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    For me public transport means always overcrowding and that is normal travelling. I have travelled comfortably only when I hired taxi for some long distance travel with family.

    It is very rarely that I get seats in a public transport bus. Travel by autorikshaw, even though, a public transport is also uncomfortable.

    I had problem spondylitis when I was travelling by the ubiquitous private public buses in Kerala some years ago. Clinging on to the support rod above head, it used to be push and pull every few seconds for my hands and hence there was heavy strain on the neck muscles and shoulder muscles. It also affects the joints in the fingers also.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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