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    Do people use all the features of bought electrical/electronic gadgets ?

    Nowadays, people buy many electrical and electronic gadgets and use also the same. Even in rural and semi-rural areas common gadgets like television, smartphones and refrigerators etc. have become common. While travelling on train, I have seen many dish antenna installed on hutments which don't even have a proper roof.
    In cities more gadgets like washing machines, air conditioners, microwave oven etc. can be found in the households.
    I wonder as to how people learn to use all such gadgets, in many cases using a remote control. I believe that most of the users don't know about all the functions of the various gadgets and many use only by trial and error method.
    Many features are never known and used by the people in general.
    Do people use all the features of bought electrical/electronic gadgets?
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    In my opinion, most users doesn't use i.e. doesn't know all the features of any electronic gadget etc,. Everyone controls a TV using a remote but most of the users know only the basic buttons next/previous channel, increase/decrease volume, on/off etc,. Most of us use android smart phones but many of us doesn't know how to make our personal details appear on the home screen (after locking/before unlocking). Similarly, almost everyone has a gmail account but many doesn't know about google drive. Most people doesn't read instruction manuals etc,. and therefore they cannot use their gadgets etc,. completely.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Most of the people don't utilize all the features of electronic gadgets. Only basic features are used commonly. But while buying any device, people go for latest device with all the features in it but hardly use them. Initial days when the device is bought, people use it and do all the R and D but later slowly they will lose interest and stop researching and utilizing it to max also as Krishna said people don't have patience to read the use or manual to understand how the device works. So only basic features are utilized properly.

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    What I feel that most of the people are ignorant of various features present in every gadget and electronic items and they generally use the main features. I strongly recommend that once a new product is purchased, one must read the instructions carefully and try to familiarize with all the functions. For example in one of the mobile there is a automatic indicator of location from where you are speaking. For example you are on the high way and make a call to your dear ones and if some one asks where are you, the mobile would indicate the place of journey. But that functions must be made enable so that it is put to maximum use.
    K Mohan
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    The electrical and electronic gadgets are used by all sections of the people. They use the features of the gadget which are useful to them. They do not bother about the features that are not necessary for them. Smart phones are the best example of gadget whose features are not fully utilised. The basic use is to make calls and receive calls. For this basic purpose an ordinary mobile is sufficient but people buy smart phones. I my town there is no 4G network. Yet people buy smart phones compatible with 4G. The phone of course receives 3G signal.
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    The more features, the less used. I am having a 5-in-1 device from Philips. I wanted it because I have a collection of old audio tapes which I bought and cherished. With the advent of audio CD s and DVDs the tapes lost their importance, but I did not want to lose them So I bought the referred device which has facility for playing tape, CD, a FM radio USB and also facility to record the tape audio to USB.

    It has a remote control facility for the different features of musical sound adjustment also. Frankly, I do not use the remote control and also I had not done the transfer from tape to USB till day.

    I have not fully used the facilities available in my computer and smartphone also.
    In the washing machine we have probably very rarely used the spray washing. facility in spinwash.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Manuals only provide a basic info. At least I've never come across a manual that gives me a detailed list of features and how to use them. A gadget has many features as it is targeting a wider customer base. The needs of the customer throughout the lifetime of the gadget decides which features does he utilise. Mostly the customer learns to use such features through trial and error, surfing the net and asking his friends.
    So do people use all features? The answer to this depends on the different ways he uses the device. Take my example. I never used the voice search feature available in my smartphone as I never found a reason to use the same. One day, my mom requested me to search for a recipe online. I was busy writing so couldn't search. That's when Voice search came to my rescue.
    Tinkering around with gadgets always works. That's how I realised that most remotes can be used interchangeably ( Like the volume up button in CD player's remote acts as the Brightness enhance button of TV Remote. Not always. )

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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