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    Why the words "New" , "Yuva", 'Fresh" attracts us very much ?

    If you watch the advertisements appearing in electronic media the products used to add the words, new, yuva, or fresh. So many soaps which are old brand come with new tag by simply changing the cover or color and thus we are attracted to it. Like wise to attract the attention of the youth, the word yuva is used by many advertisers. Another tactic to draw attention is the word used as Fresh by many companies. We are all habituated to fresh ideas and thinking and thus by adding fresh word they try to garner purchasers support. Any comment ?
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    The advertisers have to catch the buyers young. In many products we see that children are shown as the consumers. They target the children as they are the future consumers. Same is the case with youth. Such young generation is likely to start earning soon and then acquire an ability to buy products on their own by spending their own money. Before becoming financially independent, the children are forced to use the products bought by their parents.
    Moreover there is always a craze for newer things. Often the young generation label the previous generation as old fashioned and ridicule them. The marketing companies conduct surveys to know the liking and preferences of the consumers and try to sell their products by adopting all kinds of strategies.
    The word 'fresh' itself is appealing, whether the product is fresh or not.
    As the saying goes , people always salute the rising sun.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Apart from the above quoted words other words like 'improved', 'enhanced', 'latest' also attract us.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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