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    Every movement of a child is an adventure to its mother.

    There are many sayings about having children in Tamil and hope in other languages too. As it said, for any woman after attaining the motherhood right from the womb, each and every movement of a child will be felt by her as an adventure. Scientifically, inside womb, a child will have its fetal movement from its 5th month. And after its birth, a mother will feel each and every movement right from the opening of eye, opening of mouth with cry and other movements like rolling over, lifting their heads , raise himself on his elbows, and mother will feel adventurous even after growth and development.

    Along with mother, father too felt the same at many times and at this juncture I really give a big salute to mothers of special children who are really doing a big adventure in this world in their growth and development and trained in many aspects of specialization.

    What is your view on this adventure?

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    No Saroji, I fully disagree with you. It is not an adventurism. There is no risk involved in giving birth to a child or in bringing them up. It is a routine affair after getting married. It is the duty of the parents to care and nurture their child. Of course, the parent would feel happy when they see their child crawling, standing, walking and speaking. When they grew big and prove good with their good earning, the parents would feel very happy. It is not at all an adventurous activity of the child or the parents.

    "Eenra poluthil perithuvakkum thann maganai saanron enakketta thaai." ( A mother would feel more happy than the happiness she had while giving birth to her child when she hears that her son/daughter is the great)

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    The meaning of the word adventure is 'an unusual and exciting or daring experience' though it means 'engaging in daring or risky activities' also. Going by the former simpler definition of the word adventure, the episode of giving birth and raising a child can also be said to be adventurous in nature. The intense joy and pleasure a mother feels after giving birth to a child adequately compensates of the literal labor pains.
    In the past, in absence of modern medical procedures and techniques, the childbirth was associated with attendant risks also. The practice of announcing the news with message 'both are well' is a testimony to such associated hazards. Raising a child is again adventurous as it is long drawn process and each milestone of children's growth process enthrall the parents.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What is there in giving birth? It is a pleasure with pain or a painful pleasure, not an adventure of risk. If the normal delivery fails, caesarian is the alternate to have delivery without any pain. Then it is an adventure to the doctor who takes care of delivery. Even animals deliver their baby and take care of them. They are far better than the human beings in taking care of their children. No doctor, no nurse, no medication. I cannot agree with the word adventure matching with child birth or bringing up the child.

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    In our office, once a women employee of EDP department who was a mother of three years old child. She often narrates the play of her child to her friends. One among us used to comment on her talking as she was boring as that girl was unmarried. But recently she,(the commenting girl who got married and have a male child) one day started to tell us about the play of her son, but immediately she realized the olden days that was commented by her on that senior staff (though that staff left the office on her own). Similarly, the mother's astonishment pride over her child's movement has no word to explain.

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    Thank you Kailash for your detailed response on the thought of the post.

    @Sun, I have not said that child birth is an adventurous but from the point of view of Mother, each and every movement of a child is surely give adventurous feeling to her. I am sure that feeling cannot be expressed in words.

    Also I have seen some special children and their parents and strongly believe it is adventure to those mothers when they brought up the child with so much care.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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