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    Is it possible for an individual with nitpicking habit to earn respect in the society?

    Basically nitpicking is an act of removing nits from the head hairs. It requires fastidious and meticulous attention to the details. The practice of looking/searching meticulously for minor even trivial faults in others is therefore also known as nitpicking as a metaphor. Nitpicking is therefore a fussy or pedantic fault finding process.
    Many people have a knack of nitpicking. I have come across few such people in my life. They tend to condemn or eliminate others by their painstaking fault find habit. Ridiculously enough such people rate themselves very high on their own pretending that they have outstanding knowledge about the subject matter and can deprive any individual of their due.
    Such negative minded people people often carve for subservience of others on the strength of their nitpicking abilities.
    I never respect such people despite their having any position in the society. Am I wrong?
    Is it possible for an individual with nitpicking habit to earn respect in the society?
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    Some people remain very busy to criticize others! May be due to lack of other forms of entertainment, nit-picking has been adopted as a form of entertainment in the society! However, this habit is more prevalent in rural societies, where every people know others in a village. However, from my experience in living various metro cities and state capitals, I can say that with rapid urbanization and transfer/relocation of people from one state to other within India, the nit-picking habit has reduced to some extent in residential colonies in cities, but at the same time, it has increased manifold in work-places. I consciously try to avoid such people and such discussions in my work-place. I feel that my strategy of avoiding such people and discussions have bore fruit in the long run.
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