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    Why the shelf life of actors is generally much more compared to that of actresses?

    I am not sure if the use of the phrase 'shelf life' is correct or not, in the given context. My intention is to discuss as to how the actors are able to continue to rule over the filmdom for much longer periods compared to actresses. Often we see middle age actors wearing printed bright color shirts posing themselves as if they are freshly admitted college students. I think this trend is not limited to Bollywood only, but in the movie industry of southern states also, many middle age actor rule the roost.
    The actresses on the other hand give way to other freshly recruited artists.
    What may be possible reasons of such a trend?
    Why the shelf life of actors is generally much more compared to that of actresses?
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    It is a common phenomena seen in the film industry. Most of the actresses are not coninues in film industry after the marriage. So it is the main reason for the actresses become seen in a short period of time in film industry. But the actors are not such type. They will become active after the marriage and actors have no any restriction from family to stop acting. A good and star actress become a housewife after the marriage.

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    I personally feel that even today Indian film industry (Mumbai and regional) are male-centric. Even today the majority of films are based on hero-centric stories. Women characters (heroine, vamp and dance artists) are introduced to increase the visual entertainment value of the films. So, the producers and directors need young heroines, while older heroes still have predominant roles.
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    As men grow old, they develop their personality, whereas women lose their beauty and personality when they get aged. This is nature, and is applicable to all , may it be a film heroine or a house wife. To a heroine - If beauty is lost everything is lost.
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    Although I wouldn't prefer to term it as Shelf life, it's surely a sad truth.
    The 'shelf life' of actors and actresses have nothing to do with the acting skills. Both genders have excellent and dedicated artists.
    I believe the difference is due to the following 2 factors.

    1. Fan base. Most commercial big budget movies cater to the fan bases. These fan bases are assured revenue sources. So the producers prefer to bank on those who attract larger fan bases. In this context, actress centric movies are less preferred. Actresses, even the top notch heroines of Bollywood have a slightly smaller fan base when compared to their male counterparts. This may be due to the lack of publicity or marketing techniques.

    2. Type of roles they are given chance to play. The real magic happens when an artist essays a character that brings out their true potential. Most commercial cinemas don't have actresses in such character roles. They use the female lead only as a prop or a sidekick. Usually, especially in action movies, the heroines are supposed to have glamour more than the ability to get into the character they are essaying. So obviously as the heroines get old, their glamour drops and they are given lesser chances and slowly they die out.
    But with more women centric scripts coming out, being appreciated in box office and actresses playing character roles rather than as props, I am quite confident that the 'shelf life' of such actresses will increase. Movies like Sarabjith of Aishwaria Rai, Queen done by Kangana Ranaut and ASK done by Nadia Moidu are examples of such movies which brought acclaim and praises for the female leads, who had supposedly expired their shelf life.

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