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    Do pressing frequent horn of a vehicle is seized under traffic violation?

    We see on back of the vehicles of large trucks TATA SOUND PLEASE these words in SRI LANKA and some other countries pressing or blowing Horn is prohibited under rare condition you have to press or blow horn otherwise it comes under traffic violation so in our country pressing or blowing horn frequently causes seized the vehicle under traffic violations or pay fine for that is such rule exists.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Horn is essential when the traffic is not regulated. If we are in a queue following the vehicles, we should not blow horn. In highways where the lanes are marked, we should not use horn.

    I have not seen any such restrictions to blow horn in my area. There are warning signs near hospital, schools, and areas where silence is required. I blow horn as and when necessary to alert the vehicles and personnel moving on the road.

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    First of all let me share a joke about blowing horn which I read yesterday only. Generally it is written on the back of a truck that 'Blow Horn' .
    One such ingenious truck owner had written instead - ' Don't blow horn loudly, my country is sleeping'.
    Regarding blowing horn frequently and loudly, I have to share that during my travels in US, I never heard any horn blown by the individuals driving their vehicles. They blow horns only rarely , to attract the attention of other drivers when they violate any traffic rule.
    In our country without blowing horn, it is almost impossible to drive. There are silence zones also e.g. near hospitals etc. in which the sound level is fixed by rules and violating the same is likely to attract penal provisions.

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    I am dead against the continuous horn blowing and unnecessarily blowing horns on the roads. That too I am seeing a vehicle driver behind a city bus halting in the bus stop, blowing horn continuously though he /she knows that the bus would start only after the passenger's boarding and alighting is over. Similarly it is irritating much when we hear someone blowing horn behind us when we crossing the road or walking on the road carefully where the rain water stagnant.

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    Unnecessary honking is prohibited in India, but there does not seem to be any heavy penalty for the offence. I regularly see this happening around me. People think they are above everything and everyone else and keep honking even when they see that there is a genuine traffic jam. I am dead against this practice.

    Thankfully the central government is considering imposing heavy penalty on such incidents of excessive unneeded blowing of horns. There are plans to impose a fine of Rs. 500 for thr first time violation and Rs. 1000 for the subsequent offences. It has also been proposed to impose a fine of Rs. 5000 to the owners of the vehicles which have multi tuned air horns insatalled.
    A fine of an amount as high as Rs. 1 lakh to the dealers and garages who install such horns.

    Hopefully, the proposals come into reality and relieve us from the unecessary honking.

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    By the way honking unnecessarily is the nuisance and that can be punished. We find sign boards on the roads cautioning against honking near schools and hospitals. But In India who cares for such boards and the vehicle users are fond of horns even just like that. Horn please written behind every truck is the necessary advisory because, the driver does not know which vehicle is coming from the back. In the highway the drivers drive their vehicle in the center of the road and those who want to proceed fast and further would honk, so that lorry driver gets to know about it. Moreover honking also helpful to alert the opposite vehicle to slow down as this vehicle taking turn.
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