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    Extraterrestrial influence

    Well I was always fascinated by the aliens. They gives us a feeling that we are not alone.
    So,most of us imagine these extraterrestrials being living in a distant planet in a far off galaxy

    Although there are numerous UFO sightings everyday.Some even claim to have been abducted by aliens. Aliens are no fiction now, they are only inaccessible at this moment.
    So what makes these higher organisms interested in us?
    It is as though they are surveying the planet.
    Some even believe that they influence us.
    As far as my opinion is concerned aliens exist and have some unknown connection to Earth.
    Well discuss about it!
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    The human sensory organs have its limitations. However, through modern instruments and technology, the scope of human sensory organs have been extended e.g. with electron microscope on one hand and the radio telescope on the other hand the range and scope of visual observations has been expanded. The same applies in the case of audio and olfactory capabilities. But still the humans visualize the life and aliens in the form and format familiar to them which may not necessarily be the case. On the parts of the space i.e. planets, there may be life or something like that, albeit of a totally different kind which may not be conforming to our expectations and beliefs.
    However no conclusive scientific evidence has so far been collected about the aliens and extra terrestrial life. Presently such concepts are limited to fiction and high technology movies of the Hollywood.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Aliens may or may not exist. Actually, it is more likely that they exist. But, 'they are higher organisms' is an incorrect statement. We, human beings may be more developed (advanced) than some kinds of aliens. Most of the UFO sightings are proved to be optical illusions. Many people claimed they are abducted by aliens etc., but there is no proof. In my opinion, universe is designed to support different types of organisms and may be each kind of aliens have their own planet in their own galaxy like Earth for us in Milky Way.

    Let us continue learning.

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    It all depends on our personal preference and understanding of every subject. Every one is fascinated with one thing or the other. But getting fascinated with extraterrestrial character is something not every ones cup of cake. By the way we have seen such characters only in English movies and never heard or seen in Indian soil. And getting attached to a unknown world of characters are the hobby for some and may be the author also falling in that line. One thing is sure, when we are interested in one character or the other, it really impresses our interest and that will lead to further probing about the matter and thus engrossed in that direction.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There are lot of theories and reasearch happening around the world about the presence of aliens.
    And many tv serials, science fiction novels and movies have been made on this concept and the response these things got from public shows how much peoples around the world are intrested in any extra territerial activity and beings.
    One such tv programme is "the ancient aliens" on history tv
    The theories and evidence shown on this programme really seems to prove the existence of aliens.And many time they relate these extra terrirtrial beings to ancient gods and mythology and the theories they provide seems really convincing.
    And many peoples around the world have seen ufo and believes in such existence.

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