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    Why actors and actress do make up to go for condolence?

    I sometimes feel that movie actors and politician are acting even in going to condolence when they lost a fellow actor or actress or a politician or a famous personality those who have a bald head where wig and actress wear lipstick and facial things to go for condolence and in front of media they cry for the person death or say a few good words about died person.Is it necessary to
    do make up and tell the condolences. Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Doing make up etc. is not necessary provided they are left alone to do their duty of paying homage to the departed soul and condolences to the bereaved family etc. The public at large and the media in particular force them to equip themselves with the make up etc. as the media preys them for increasing its TRP. The other individuals also look toward them to scan and scrutinize their faces and body languages. Since due to their professional compulsions, they cannot antagonize media, they yield to its wishs to say few words or reminiscice about the departed personality. For facing camera, make up is obviously required.
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    Well, celebrities are known to use every opportunity for their own benefit. There are certain cases where they are forced to indulge in such behaviour. More so, with the media being on their trail. The profession they are in does not allow them not to be in the good books of media. If they go against it, the media makes sure that their career is ruined.

    Instead of blaming the actors and actresses alone for the tantrums they throw, it would be advisable to look at the other factors that force them to do so.

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    Cinema is a field of glamour. The actors and actresses survive on their glamour. They cannot afford to go out without makeup whatever the function may be. We ourselves do not like see our favorite actors or actresses without the glamour. As far as politicians are concerned they do not require any makeup.
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    Normally we,before going anywhere out of our house or out of our office, used to comb our hairs either with comb or fingers. It is in practice to many. Likewise the cine actors/actress do make up before going anywhere as it is their practice. Moreover their identity is on the make up only and some of them could not be identified without make up.

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    Bhushan you made a good observation. Actors are born to be in lime light and for that purpose they can go to any extent. I do understand that going for condolence meeting or laying a wreath there is a dress code to be followed and wearing heavy dress , rich looks, are just for getting media attention at the venue. But one thing is sure, they are being recognized in public with make up only, otherwise no one would welcome them nor care them. That is the reason being so they are under compulsion to maintain style and up to date even for sad visits.
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    I have seen except Rajanikant, the hero from South, no other actor or actress visit any place with their natural color and hair style. Even the young heros today try to cover their receding hair line either with a wig or weaved hair.

    After all they are our worshiped silver idols!


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