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    Nurse may find it difficult to get veins properly for blood test, but mosquitoes never err.

    In the clinical lab when the nurse needs to draw blood for testing, I have seen them struggling with many patients to get the vein properly. They have to tie the band, slightly tap the area etc so that the vein comes clear popping up.
    But I wonder how the mosquito gets exactly the vein it wants to draw blood from!. There may be some lesson for us to know. The doctors and nurses may be taught the same trick. Today, within a few seconds, a mosquito exactly located my veins and had its stomachfull of my blood. I knew only when it flew away and my vein had an extra pop up of a small swelling due to mosquito bite allergy.
    True that man has to learn a lot from other creatures. With all our artificial intelligence, we are still not at par with the small earthly creatures. Shame humans!
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    I don't think that mosquitoes search for the vein to suck the blood. The whole human body is filled with blood. The blood is circulated through the blood vessels. A mosquito doesn't require blood in milli grams or grams. They just need some micro milligram blood. They get it with a miniature bite that make us to scratch the area for long.

    Have you seen how blood sugar level is tested by piercing a pin in to any of our finger points?

    Anyway, I liked the way you compared the nurses with mosquitoes.

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    It has been recorded by scientists that the mosquitoes take several minutes in locating the blood vessel and another four minutes to suck the blood. The malaria parasite carrying mosquitoes take longer time in locating the blood vessels.
    The mouthparts of the mosquitoes are not simple needle like rigid structures, contrary to the popular belief. Instead the same are an intricate set of complicated apparatus which is actually flexible and fully controllable.
    The snouts of the mosquitoes are long narrow organs with sides which taper at the end toward the point. The flat trip is hollow and made up of six different components. It buckles when the mosquito bites and the internal mouthparts to slide into the skin.
    These components are finer than human hair and the components are even smaller.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I appreciate your explanation about the mosquito and its blood sucking ability and the apparatus that a mosquito has. Now I wonder about God's creative ability comparing the ability of a nurse.

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    I think the mosquitos are intelligent enough to locate their targets and in no time they can suck the blood from the veins of human - being without going for any formal training.
    The nurse sometimes become nerves to locate the exact vein from where the blood is to be drawn out. At least, they should take inspiration from this mini creatures displaying its bravery and swiftness in carrying out its jobs so efficiently.

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