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    Issue of lack of playgrounds in India

    In India now a days open and free playgrounds are rarely seen. All grounds which were open to everyone previously, are now being converted into parks where entry without paying money is restricted. Even if a child enters such parks after paying, it does not have freedom to play on its own. There are coaching camps in park, where there is only competition and not playing game to make the mind fresh. Such things inculcate the feeling of competition in every aspect in young minds. And also they cannot enjoy the game/sports. This is reducing the number of best sports persons in India. Share your views on this
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    In one way it is true that in many cities there is no play grounds for children. On the other hand there is no time for present children to use playground or even to play. Present children in most of the places forget to play as they have been forced to dump in the room/classrooms/before computers/before video games/at the tuition. The get tired after such operations. In olden days there was a period for all students PET that is physical Education Training. For that separate master was there. That period was also one before the last period of the day so as no student could skip the period. Now every parents planned to make their child as president of India or America.

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    The price of land is increasing day be day due to growing demand especially in major cities. Nowadays many private builders have entered the real estate business and they cannot afford to leave vast area of costly land open as play grounds. In Government colonies often provision is made for parks, but such parks are restricted for playing cricket, football and hockey like games. In the schools and colleges also it becomes difficult for the management to afford keeping vast spaces open as play grounds.
    Under such circumstances, many children resort to playing on roads which is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
    While buying a new house, people should consider availability of play grounds also within the colony, but generally it never becomes possible always.
    The main culprit is the increasing population.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In villages there is not suitable playgrounds to play some games. I think most of the persons are came to sports from his school days. From the school they get proper knowledge about various games. In my village there is not a public play ground. We will choose anyone's farm land for playing. Such type of ground will not exist to a large time. In my view most of the panchayat authorities are still not supporting sports. But in someplace there is organizing various competative sports by panchayat authorities. If we playing in anyone private property, it make problem to the families also. So such places are discouraging children from sports. But in some large grounds there need some entry fees. And in other grounds, there will be no place to just stand.

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    Well I do not comment about other cities and towns, in Hyderabad we have enough number of playgrounds and open spaces through which our children get practice of various sports and other activities. But we are missing is the real things required for the respective sports. For example if one wants to play foot ball, there are no goal posts. If one wants to play cricket, there is no pavilion, player rooms nor the gallery. Likewise if some wants to practice the athletics, there is no proper arrangements for such a play fields. Nevertheless our children are coping up with available thing and playing their own way of games. But slowly these grounds would go into the hands of politicians who may convert them in to multiplex or other entertainment zone to earn more money. Government under the Sports authority of different states must identify the grounds and provide infrastructure required for playing various games.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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