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    Teens and youth, avoid foolish adventures, instead take planned ventures in life.

    I write this with some sense of sadness in mind. Every day I get to read some very unfortunate news of loss of life and limbs of promising youths and teenagers. The reason- taking foolish adventures throwing caution to winds. They ask ' Life needs adventure no'?
    I had read news of youth couple sitting on sea rocks at Lands End in Mumbai, washed away by sea waves. Many youth lose life falling into river, deep gorges while taking selfies. There is one tourist spot in Kerala, near Malayattoor on Periyar River. There is a permanent warning board to people not to go into the river as it is tricky and deceptive calm. However every week end comes with news of death of students studying in professional colleges coming there and taking the 'adventure'.
    New gen youth go on rash driving with their latest motor bikes and cars especially at night and either ram into objects and lose their life and limbs or kill other humans or animals. In Mumbai and other cities, youths show 'hero-tricks' for the thrill of adventure standing on speeding electric trains- only to fall down as burnt ashes.
    Not only that the family members, especially parents have to live the rest of their life in utter sorrow, but the surviving ones have to spend much of their time in court cases also.
    Why this (mis)adventure? Youths and teens, my earnest request is : please take right ventures in life with proper planning and guidance and avoid all other mis-adventures which may appear to you as real adventure. The family and country need you for more purposeful ventures.

    (This is a TOW contest entry)
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    The youths bubble with energy and enthusiasm. They remain in the learning phase of life during the period and are not able to gauge the possible consequences. India has the dubious distinction of having more deaths due to selfies than any other country in the world. During this month only on 22.06.2016, seven youngsters drowned in the river Ganges in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh while taking selfie. In Mumbai, police has declared 16 no selfie zones. Now at many tourist places, safe selfie points are designated.
    Regarding the misadventures of the students, they succumb to the peer pressure. After getting freedom from strict parental control after joining colleges etc. , they start enjoying the life to the fullest. Often they resort to certain daring playful acrobatic tactics to impress the girl students.
    Unfortunately, few of such adventurists not only lose their life, but ruin the whole life of their parents also.

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