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    What is the fate of the projects done by the students in colleges etc.,

    We are often seeing that the college students, in many occasions, asked to do some project either individually or collectively during their final year of the course. Many students did their projects with much strain by running here and there. In some places there are institutions offering the ready made projects to such students. Besides all of these, we are seeing in magazines that this college student did his project during his final year which is highly appreciable by the college etc., In some magazines the student's project details have been published. In one magazine I have seen that a final year college student invented a device through which a cycle could be converted into a simple motor cycle etc., But my question is where such projects are getting used or just kept in the college racks? Why do not the famous companies approach college for improvement of their products by paying or appreciating in the other way to such students?
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    Every year several lakh students prepare one project or the other. Most of such projects remain eyewash only. Nowadays most the students buy some project from the vendors in the neighborhood of college itself. Many unemployed senior students also sometimes operate such project's business. I have seen questions raised in the ask expert section of the ISC also by students seeking idea/help in preparation of their college projects.
    On the other hand, only recently we came to know about the news that Pune's 'Swayam' and Chennai's 'Satyabamasat' satellites were launched by ISRO on 22.06.2016. The College of Engineering, Pune spent Rs 50 lakh to make 'Swayam' whereas 'Satyabamasat' costed Rs 1.5 to 2 crore to Sathyabama University, Chennai.
    Barring few exceptional cases in premier institution, engineering education has become sort of a farce. The degree is committed on the day of payment of full fee with or without capitation fee/donation.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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