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    Taking full care on the parents till their life time is the major adventure to a son

    Parents in almost many situations never fails to care their children. In many houses the parents are giving equal attention to all their sons and daughters though the number is many. On no situation the parents are showing negligence on the care of their children. No parents are letting their children to the homes/hostels due to their inability or any other cause other than the future of the child.

    But a son, just starts to neglect the words of parents while he starts his higher education and did not care the words of the parents once he starts his employed life. Then in many cases as soon as he got his spouse he started the parents as burden just opposite to Shravana of Ramayana or Rama of Ramayana.

    If a son takes care of their parents till their last breath as if his own duty and without sharing with other brothers, if any, he is the real son and his life onlyis adventurous.
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    It is true that the parents take care of their children to the best of their abilities. Many argue that the children will also take care of their own children accordingly and they do also. Then from where the question of taking care of the parents arises.
    There is one more important aspect of the issue concerned. The children have future. They are sort of rising stars. Taking care of them promises many things in future except perhaps parental care. The parents on the other hand have no future. They have to just spent their remaining life time. There is a limit up to which money can be spent on them. Since most of families in India belong to only average middle class income group or below that, a choice has to be made as to how much to spend on the parents and how much on the children. The scale often tilts in favor of the children and the parents are treated as a liability in such a scenario.

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