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    Hyderabad: 11 ISIS suspects were planning bomb attacks, firing at civilians

    The NIA has busted a dangerous terror plot in Hyderabad with the arrest of eleven suspects in different parts of the city. The suspects have been picked up from six localities in the old city of Hyderabad during a joint operation by NIA and Andhra Pradesh Police. The suspects are said to be sympathizers of ISIS. They were plotting attacks on shopping malls and crowded places in the city. Two airguns and a pistol, explosives, electronic devices and Rs 15 lakh cash were recovered during the searches.

    So, Members from Hydrabad! Please remain vigilant and extremely alert. Immediately inform the police about every unusual activity or neighbour in your neighbourhood. Stay safe, help the police!
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    I think it is not a concern of only people of Hyderabad. Many sleeping modules of the terrorist outfits may be operating silently at many other places also. Sometimes, in despair, I tend to believe that though the intelligence agencies etc. are sometimes getting inputs by chance and as a result of their hard work, but generally it works 'Ram Bharose' ( Dependent on the mercy of the God) only.
    A lot of activity is generated when some unfortunate incidence takes place and after that we again wait like a lame duck to be targeted sooner or later. Even the developed countries like USA, UK, France etc. are not able to ensure that no act of terrorism takes place.

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    Yes there has been heavy police frisking and also tight vigil by mufti police at many places. After reading this news only, I got the idea that police were making thorough search for every one. Moreover rains are lashing the city and added to that heavy crowd in old city due to ensuing Ramzan is making police to have further checks and vigil on movement of people with suspicion. In old city especially around Charminar area the police patrol vehicles are moving in every two minutes and that is making the ID shopping little risky and challenge too. Any way Hyderabadis are always alert to such type of overtures from the evil doers and thanks for this alert.
    K Mohan
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    I do not think Hyderabad is the only city in the radar of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The entire nation is their target. The Government and the people should be vigilant to successfully combat the threat of ISIS. Unless the ISIS is contained there will be problems all over the world. ISIS is a militant group and all the countries in world should unite to curb this menace.
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    #569388: Terrorists have two advantages, viz., the element of surprise and the undue publicity. As for example, after some days people will forget the successful anti-terror operations of security forces in Hyderabad, but they will remember the success of terrorists at Istanbul airport on the same day. People still remember the Mumbai attack (a success for terrorists), but have forgotten the success-story of the security forces to stop the multiple bomb-attacks at Surat. The security forces could trace innumerable low-intensity bombs kept at various places and defused each and every bomb. People still remember 9/11 attacks in the USA, but have forgotten the thwarting of a more horrible attack on UN Headquarters in New York exactly one year before 9/11.
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