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    How to handle fights with friends?

    One of my friends husband referred her friend into his company and she joined that company too. Things were fine in the beginning but her husband would always complain that her friend is dominating and doesn't work in a team and always complains even silly things to the project manager. My friends husband is very helping and also saved that girl many times in office from so many work. Recently my friends husband had a meeting with project manager and he got to know that the girl he referred to has complaint against him to project manager for no reason. She has complained saying that he gives her a lot of work and forces her to do were he has never given her any work. When he asked that girl, she told she took his name as an example to ask manager on how to prioritise with work. My friend's husband was disappointed on this and fought with the girl. My friend is also very upset and confused how to handle the situation. She din't scold her friend but was asking if she has to avoid her or just be normal as it is office matter.
    Kindly advice.
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    Well some times we invite the problem to ourselves and then ponder over. This is the clear case of helping and then getting repented for what has been done. By the way in friendship there should not Ifs and buts, there should always be cordial relations and above all understanding capability. Yes some people stoop to the low level and forget their past help from the same friend and thus it is really annoying situation for any one. Hence forth learn the lesson that by helping those without verifying their credentials and nature, it is always better to study them and give two or three times in the mind before zeroing on any help, otherwise situations would be like this.
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    The work at the work place should be executed professionally only. There is no room for personal relationships at the workplace as far as the official work is concerned. However it is easier said than done. After all, the employees are human beings and the humane aspect invariably come in play willingly or unwillingly.
    However, in any given scenario, it is better to forget what had happened in the past and try one's best to not to get the office work or professional relationship affected.
    Almost at all work places, office politics exist. The co-workers are after all competitors also. The gender factor also comes in play among employees of all age groups. As a matter of fact, often the team members of a project have to intellectually interact more intensely among themselves than to their own spouses.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In my sense friendship is the relation values more than any other thing. A good friend is very helpful for our life. It is very hard to find a good friend. But it is very easy to forget the same. If anyone repects the value of friends then such person will not make their friends a bad person. If two person are not good friends then an ego will generate between those two. This ego can be sometimes due to the overcare of job and other things. When an ego will occur between friends the relation become weak and many problem will arise. In my opinion friendship is more prior than any work.

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