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    Which is the best coffee beans producers among these two Caribbean Islands or Brazil?

    In recently held Tri nation Cricket in West Indies where the match was interrupted due to rain the Ten Sports channel had a glance on West Indies as they said that country is the best producers and largest exporters of coffee beans are in Caribbean Islands as they have rich in test and aroma and they have different color unlike brown but we all know Brazil country is the largest producer of coffee beans and the major exporter which country is the best producer and exporter of coffee beans is it the Caribbean Islands or Brazil or Is there any country which produces the best coffee beans.
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    Like cricket matches, an event 'World Brewer's Cup' is also organized at Melbourne, Australia between May 23 to May 26. The event show cases the craft and skill of filter coffee brewing by hand. The finalist is named as the World Brewers Cup Champion.
    Brazil is the world leader in coffee production followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia and India.
    Since Brazil is the largest coffee exporting nation, its coffee should be rated as better because a very large number of people like and buy that coffee.

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