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    Why the Guess the Author contest had lukewarm response ?

    I am raising this thread on behalf of ISC Admin. The recently conducted GA (2nd edition)contest had only 6 participants. Even the 5 authors who wrote the write-ups did not respond with their answer except 3. Though it was an interesting contest, it proved to be a futile exercise and discouraged the contest author to conduct such GA contests in future. Why .. Why... Why members Why? Only Sun,Sushma,Partha,ar,Rajee and Jagdish Patro participated. (Sushma, ar and Jagdish are the write-up authors)

    What happened to the write-up authors Balasubramanian and Farheen Khan?
    What happened to the more active forum members viz Mohan, Kailash, Kalyani, Padmini, Saroja, Saji Ganesh, Pattabi, Timmappa, Bhushan,Venkiteswaran, KVR Rao and others? Can these members respond to this thread? Please don't come up saying that it is your prerogative to respond.

    Dear Members, What could be the reason for the members inability to respond to that interesting contest thread? Be frank with your response.
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    What I feel that when I am not capable of judging something, it is better to be sitting at the gallery and let the talented ones performs and I be a spectator to appreciate and applause. By the way giving way to new talent is also important.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    According to me, Mr. Mohan is a member who spares no thread and leaves no thread unattended. An experienced senior member like Mohan must be able to guess the right author. We cannot satisfy with your "I am not capable of judging something". A vague response from an intelligent member.

    @ Your phrase "By the way giving way to new talent is also important" is not understood.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    The contest was somewhat hard. That the best result was 2 correct answers out of 5 and that only by one of the participants, tells about the difficulty level of the contest. For those like me, who are not regular at the forum, it was all the more difficult. As such the contest got limited to few regular members only.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Mr. Dhruv,
    I agree. A contest is for participation. The contest author takes lot of interest and pain to conduct a contest. The members should honour it. Winning or losing doesn't matter. Participation with zeal and enthusiasm is important. It is like a lottery ticket. You could have tried to post some answers. You could have won by luck for your right/wrong guess.

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    I did try, but when I found it was beyond me, I gave up. I didn't expect, getting even one correct answer will fetch a prize. Anyway, even though difficult, the contest was well thought and well planned by our ME. This time, the time was also sufficient. No arguments on that count. Credit goes to our ME for conducting such a good number of contests, including the ones about "Me....", prior to ISC's birthday on 1st July. It's only us members, who are falling short of expectations.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    I have already stated this earlier. The difficulty of this contest is due to the very fact that very few Members have their own individual style. So, generally the participants try to identify the authors of unknown threads from the mistakes they commonly make. This time, the contest has been more difficult because the ME has chosen comparatively new Members' threads, the individual writing styles/common errors of whom are very difficult to identify.
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    Was there a competition! Where was I then?
    I'm sorry my friend I was totally unaware of it.
    But I promise you it would never happen in future.
    I will try my level best to participate in competitions like these.

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    Aditya Mohan,
    Since you are a novice to this ISC world, you may not have any idea about the style of writing of ISC members except the member at your home. Yet you could have tried your best with a wild guess.

    Anyway, with the time and experience, you can participate in GA (edition 3) if announced.

    [Some parts of this response deleted. Do not cross the limits of forum etiquette.]

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    I deliberately abstained myself in participating in the contest as I felt that I am a senior citizen and it is my duty to give opportunity to younger members of the ISC to win prizes and awards etc. despite knowing that nobody knows as to how the younger members will fare in future.
    However, I am happy that a very senior member of the ISC, the author of this thread has won the contest.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You may be a senior citizen but not a senior member. You are just an year and a month old member at ISC. Also you have not won any such interesting contests in ISC. Since you are an educated, intelligent and active forum member who read through all the threads and responses, you are in a better position to guess the right author of the right write-up. You could have participated. It is a lame excuse taking the names of younger members fearing unfavourable result. (Naach na paye Aanken Teda - a proverb that suits here)

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    I m responding because I find my name mentioned by Sun.

    I have many times mentioned that my basic laziness makes me avoid many things including writing articles and participating in contests which need my concentration, more effort and more time. This contest was one where we had to apply our mind, take some time to compare and think , review more posts by probable authors etc.

    Mostly that does not fit into my present style. I post impromptu submissions and write ups. Rarely only I revisit my own posts. It s mostly 'type straight' and 'click submit' for me. So I did not venture into the contest. But in order to encourage more numbers of participations, I may participate next time with straight guessing then and there.

    Even otherwise also for last few days I was having some other engagements and facing problems of net connectivity also.

    I hope to participate in the coming GA contests.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Indeed, it is a very convincing response from you, and I like your determination to participate in future GA contest. That's what the right spirit of a true and good ISCian. I like the way you said it. Thanks.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    For me, it is mostly impossible to login at ISC on Sundays and it was open for only Sunday.
    This is the only reason I could not participate in this contest.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    I am fully convinced. True. ISC went wrong with its timing. ISC did not spare any time for the members to respond. It is one of the valid reason for the lukewarm response. Good you said it.

    ISC ME, Please note this point for your future contests.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I am sorry Sun. If you go through my recent posts you may find my threads are very less and even only very few are out of contests thread and even my congratulatory messages are very few and hence could not participate in the contest. Contests threads I participated because I prepared it and only posted which may take less time. So far three times this kind of contest conducted one by ME and another by Rajee and now again by ME. Apart from my no time, also I would not have judged it correctly when I see the answers and posts I really felt surprised all the write ups are new ones and there is only one happiness that two have written my name and thought even in my absence, people remembers me.

    Even I feel outside ISC that my level too get reduced and in fact I first checked only that.

    Thanks Sun for quoting my name.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Saroja ji,
    I am convinced by your explanation as to why you could not participate. You are not now active as you once use to be. Thanks.

    No life without Sun ¤

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