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    Why human body unable to bear any season?

    Generally we read and heard in News paper and Television in Summer season people who are unable to bear heat or hot temperature because of that somebody died, In winter season some people are unable to severe cold temperature minus five degrees because of that somebody died and in rainy season due to excessive rain and because of viral fevers and other reason because of that some people died.Why human body unable to bear any season?Knowledgeable members please respond to this question.
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    Good post by the author. What I strongly believe that parents are responsible for this. Right from the childhood we must be exposed to all the seasons and we should not fear about cold or the hot season. I have seen many mothers protecting their child even in the hot summer with sweaters. Like wise during rainy season I have seen mothers cautioning not to venture out. I am not boasting my self. I am always exposed to the nature from the childhood and all the seasons are acceptable to my body. Normally I have seen people getting running nose soon they are little drenched in rainy water, but I do drench and wont get that sort of problem. My body suits to every nature and calamity.
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    If a person works continuously for 14-16 hours in the open during intense heat waves for months coupled with lack of proper food or water, heat stroke is a natural event. Some people may die due to heat stroke. Similarly, if someone remains in sub-zero temperature without proper woollen clothes, he/she may suffer from pneumonia, which may cause death.
    These are extreme cases. Such unfortunate people are from economically backward section of the society and they don't have the minimum basic requirements.

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    I think human body can prevent such environmental conditions to a certain extend. Each one has a limit. So when the heat and cold is exceeds it's limit it cause the problems. Small amount of heat and cold is not dangerous to human body. And in rainy season most of the accidents and dead rate is due to the natural calamities and other kind of accidents. Most peoples are dieying due to the electrical shock and by collapsing houses and by falling trees on to the body. Also dead rate is increasing due to diseases. In such situations we need to adapt the protection system for various seasons. There is people living in very cold areas of the earth. They wear the clothes suitable for their climate. So we also need to follow such kinds of system to protect ourself. I think self protection is our duty and others can not the guard of we.

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    Perhaps, it all comes down to one silly object called the brain. Had it not been for our brain, we would not have invented all the clothings, environment manipulating equipments like fans, ACs, heaters, etc. In the pre-historic times, when humans were devoid of any material comforts or clothing they managed to take care of themselves in extremes of temperatures, just like the animals. Ancient men were well able to acclimatise themselves with the environment because it had natural protections like body hair, etc. With the inventions, man got himself covered with artificial coverings and started living in artificial environments. With time, our bodies evolved taking in consideration the clothing we wear and we lost our natural protection. Thus we lost all our abilities to stay bare body like the animals in natural environment. Things are deteriorating further and we are getting totally dependent upon artificial environment. All that because we have something called brain.
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    My answer is similar to that of Dhruv. We lack fur and heavy body hair that could have kept us warm in past. As far as heat is concerned we bear heat better than fellow animals,because we sweat. But I guess the optimum temperature is somewhere near 42 degree centigrade where you no longer can take it.
    It's just a side effect or byproduct of our "flawless" evolution. And today's generation spend most of it's time sitting before TV or Computers or Phones.
    And don't even get me started about the food we eat.
    All these contribute to weakening of immunity.
    We are weaklings and there is no escaping that fact.

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    Human body is designed to survive and sustain in certain given temperature range. There is a biological thermostat which functions accordingly. With the external aids, human live even in sub zero temperatures and high temperature desert areas also.
    Humans are human only and not God. They have limitations and are blessed within the given capabilities only. Even all the sensory organs like eyes, ears, nose, tongue etc. have their defined perception range.
    Humans were never supposed to be immortals. Their life span itself is limited and stretches up to certain range only.
    In nut shell humans are the other form of limitations only.

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