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    Do mothers have detective powers?

    This was a question that I used to have as a school boy.
    Most of us can actually relate to this.
    How many times have we lost our books, pens, pencils, spectacles and other stuff. We spend a lot of time searching for it. We never seen to find them. They just somehow seen to roll off into the least accessible location of your room and vanish away.
    But then you call in the expert. " Mom, Have you seen..."
    (Even before you finish off saying that your mother would have raised 3 or 4 complaints regarding your lack of memory, laziness and irresponsibility.)
    Each time, she somehow manages to bring back the stuff that we gave up looking for, that too in a matter of seconds. For her, it's always Right There!

    She might not even know what that object is. But still she will find it. Even if you lose something at your cousin's home.

    How do mothers do that?
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    Aditya I appreciate your observation on mother and her superlative power. Please note that every mother is always concerned about her child right from the birth. She is always vigil and watching every moves. Though father may scold you and even beat for the wrong things, mother is always sober and backs you. That does not mean that she is polite and adjustable. She does not want to give any trouble to you. As she behaves from the day one, she knows all your intricacies of living and therefore what ever you have forgotten, or misplaced some where, she knows where you left and get that back. For example my daughter is fond of playing on the stair case during child and she used to keep every doll or things beneath that. So what ever things we seems lost inside the house can be located near the stair case. That is the presence of mind of a mother and we must be grateful to her for ever.
    K Mohan
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    Yes mothers are magicians who fulfills all the colours in our life without even making us realise in the same way
    In the story of dwarfs and shoemaker were dwarfs used to come at night and made beautiful shoes for shoemaker from the raw matetirial and made him succesful and don't even made him realise their presence.
    But we should realise how much important her presence is in our life and without her we have no actual identity of ours and we should respect and love her to our best levels and try to bring every happiness and colours in her life .

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    Since the mothers generally clean and tidy up the rooms/ study area etc. of the children, they are able to locate and trace the lost tiny objects. Also they become familiar with the habits of the children and therefore become able to have an intelligent guess about the possible locations for finding the lost objects. The mothers don't treat their children as an independent entity and therefore take care of their belongings also. However the children after certain age should not be too much dependent on their parents. Conscience parents have to devote their lifetime in facilitating and furthering education of their children. They have to make many sacrifices and compromises also.
    However ironically enough, sometimes the parents are not able to find a suitable match for their children as they find one themselves?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes! they have inbuilt power of detective by nature. We cannot escape from our mother's eyes on any situation. We cannot tell any lie to her on any account.
    Not only my mother, but my paternal uncle(father's brother - as we were in Joint family system) also like that. We never escape from his eyes as his job itself a roaming one in the city we would get caught anyhow if we did any mistake or hidings. In olden cinema there was one actor named Seetharaman who was called as Jawar seetharaman because of his role in film as jawar of jails. similar to him our paternal uncle was named as jawar.
    But one thing, such conditional strictness with love only made us to grow without any lie or godfear capacity.

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    It is a practical fact that ladies in general and mothers specially have more intuition power, more peripheral vision and more deductive logic sense than average men. So others may find it as detective power also.

    The major faculties of a mother, like sense of sight, hearing, touch and smell are focused and oriented towards the child. A mother working in kitchen senses something different if the play sounds of her child in the other room become silent or infrequent. She immediately dashes to the room to ensure everything is alright and the child is not on any naughty act or not sleeping.

    A mother knows the in and out of her child. That is why she can guess where it could have lost its pen, pencil, toy or any other thing. She can even anticipate the next move of her child and take needed precaution or safety measure. Can you believe if I say that mother knows that her child is hungry even before the child says so? That is a fact.

    Mothers are unique sub species in every species.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    A mother has a special power not only in finding forgotten objects. She will find all the problem which we hide from she. It is not a supernatural power. It is due to the close relation between a mother and child. She cares her child more than anyone in the family. Mostly the father will not stand in the house in daytime. So a child also love his mother more. A mother has affected from the time of a baby is born. So she know every changes in her child. By these changes and the behaviour of childrens from the young stage she find her babies problem easily. If a child has a problem and he hide it from all family, But the mother will find it easily and she solve it easily. I think all the childrens are tell the whole day experiences to their mother before gets sleep.

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    It is only a mother who really care her children. Generally, it is the mother who are housewives. An employed mother may not be a detective mother. She may not know her own things, and might ask her children to search for the same. Else she might ask her maid servant to search it. Mr. Kailash has rightly said that mothers do clean up their home to find the missing things.
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    Haha this is so true. I have been witness to this sorcery accomplished by my mother way too often. Even if she tells me which drawer to look in, and I completely ransack the entire drawer to search for the missing item, I won't find it. When I ask again, my mother will say "What if I come there and find it?" And as soon as my mother enters the room, she will magically produce the said item from the very same drawer.
    I once saw a meme which perfectly described this situation. A kid is sitting in front of a bare table and asking his mom for his phone. She says its right at the table. But the table is bare. When mom comes into the room, the phone magically appears right on the table. Nothing except magic can accomplish such a feat. Its one of the superpowers that mothers have.


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    During my school and college days, I was associated with various extra-curricular activities the details of which I won't share in this platform. As a result, my parents were regularly invited by the Principal and Class Teachers to inform them about my latest adventure activities. However, I was and am always astonished that even when the teachers and my father could not get a scent of my activities, my mother could easily understand that I did something great (!) on a particular day, merely by looking at my face. Even today, my mother can easily understand if I am in some mental trouble/tension only by hearing my voice over telephone.

    So far as books are concerned, I used to keep those books very methodically myself, because if my parents would check my bags and book-shelf, it would have created various types of problem for me.

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    I appreciate the creativity of the author of this thread. This is indeed an interesting question. To answer it in simple words, the parents are always having their focus on the kids. They keenly observe the activities of their kids. That is the reason why they are able to help the kids out when the kids misplace something. We cannot call it a detective power but simply the care that they show upon their kids.

    Even today I'm dependent on my parents for something. I will keep things scattered in the house and run behind my mom to ask I kept something somewhere and it is missing. She will take all the pains to find it. The care that they have on the kids is the main reason for it. May be we can also say that mothers have some special powers to determine the things that we have lost. But it is just not the case with the lost items but also for any questions that we have in our mind. I used to think that she has been with us from our young age and that is the reason why she obviously knows many things about us which we may not even know.

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    Maybe it's because they take care of us and our things better than we do. They are on constant lookout for things that we might need. Thus they find out the things we need correctly and tell us it's location.
    Moreover it is the mother that replaces things from their original place. So only she knows where she put the thing.
    Well yeah, that's exactly what detectives do right?
    They gauge for convincing evidence in a place and solve the case out.
    So Moms are detectives. No doubt about it.

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