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    Having generalist negative opinion

    "All politicians are the same! Corrupt!"
    "It's all because of this corrupt government."

    This is what you get along with tea in your nearest tea stall, daily morning.
    Discussion of any news, whether it is related to government or not, begins and ends right here. Corruption, I agree, does have an impact on everything but is corruption the only reason for all problems?

    The situation back home isn't any better. If the kid scores less marks or gets thin or doesn't come to the faculty wedding, whatever the situation, most relatives and parents would surely take a dig at his laziness and disobedience. Yes, laziness and lack obedience have effect. But they surely aren't the significant short term reasons why the kid is looking thin. This happens in almost all households and is invariant of whether the parents are well educated or not.

    Are these really conversation starters? Or are they only ways people can vent or their daily frustration?
    Shouldn't we be also focusing on the other important factors that have led to a situation? Factors which are specific; constructive criticism which people can deal with and improve upon?
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    Good post by the new author. Normally who sits in a tea corner for long time and converse on issues is always considered as the waste of time as they do not have other work nor have the interest to do so. So many people are wasting time in this way in street corners too , of course living in the money being hard earned by the parents. One thing is sure, If India wants to really develop and have success in all rates, the waste persons must try to do some work and they must do it productively. Just passing remarks against others, politicians and the government , they are simply spreading negative thoughts and opinion which deeply penetrates into others mind.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    A true and important words of author. It is probably seen in the house of all peoples. Parents have not satisfaction about their children. All parents always want to see their children in a better position. For that most parents try to find some mistakes on their children. It is not the fault of a specified person or thing. It going in all the fields such as job. The mistake finding persons are sometimes trying to make that particular person to encourage. But it is in different manner. If a person is created something and asking suggetion, if all the peoples will said it is good then the person will not try to develop it more. Like this every parents trying to promote their children. Also sometime such behaviour feel like a negative character.

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    Generally a common man with average intelligence, who is not able to apply his/her own mind, picks up such 'stock statements' from the surroundings and starts parroting the same. Many individuals who are greatly influenced by their parents, not only mimic their style of conversation, but also go on repeating what they have heard since childhood.
    Only the people who are able to think independently, develop their own style of opening conversations.
    Also since most of the people in a developing country like ours that too with a huge human resource developing in leaps and bounds, remain unsatisfied and frustrated, most of the stock statements begin with negativities.
    They chant the 'corruption' and 'incompetent Government' 'mantras' several times a day to get some solace and contentedness.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The thread has actually two operative parts as I analyse it. I do not see any negative, but positive only.

    The first part is general and refers to the general discussion or the 'ice-breakers'.
    The second part is of specific and refers to familiar local situations.

    The explanations and views are different for each.
    The starter " This govt seems bent on killing small business' may not be from any specific event and can be just as general and naïve as ' It may rain today'. There may not be any personal touch and the line can change exactly to contra conclusion on the conversation proceeding. There can be agreement also. Bu, by then each would have known the other better and would have adapted the conversation on that basis.

    The second situation as generally observed in homes, and where mostly the elder-younger interface occurs is the typical Parent-Child transaction and the aim is for both to reach adult-adult transaction level. At the P-C level, the elder or senior tries to impart the knowledge and experience so that the young or junior gets to avoid certain adverse experience the senior had. The communication will have gap at the P_C level, but I will close in when P comes down to Adult level and C rises up to Adult level.

    So the fist is a silly starter which may of so decided turn serious conversation. But the second is a serious one at start but van be made sensibly effective with mutual effort.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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