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    Why My forum message get deleted?

    I saw some of my posts has been deleted and some given negative marking.
    Thanks to Mr. Sun who post a message in another forum matter where I get to know regarding this.
    May I know the reason?
    If there is any forum policy I violate, Is not the duty of Editor to inform me, Just think suppose I do the same mistake repeatedly ( which I am not aware is my mistake and not match with your policy), then I might get ban from your site.
    So kindly explain me the valid reason, so that in future I will be careful while posting in forum.
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    There are content posting guidelines of ISC and the authors are supposed to abide by the same. Contents posted in various sections of the ISC are reviewed by the editors and decisions are taken by them to either to retain the contents or delete the same in extreme cases. Normally warnings/alerts are issued to new authors. Between retention and deletion of the contents, there are other stages like deduction of points etc. But at the same time there is a system of enhancement of the points and award of cash credits also.
    Broadly speaking the editors of ISC perform their duties professionally. They have high degree of resilience and tolerance toward recalcitrant members. Few members even go to the extent of being abusive in nature , but are tolerated by the editors/admins to the all possible extent.
    The issue of deletion of threads and award of negative points has been raised and discussed umpteen times in the forum section.
    I think it is better to leave the matter to the editors discretion and don't be much sensitive about the same.
    In general only this much has to be realized that ISC being a public domain, only appropriate contents can be allowed to be published.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have just visited the above thread and found that three members namely Sun, you and Bhushan were given negative points and the entry was deleted for violating the posting guidelines in forum.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    @ Kailash Kumar , Thanks for you nice explanation. I was biased and thought might be Due to Non- Modi Government statement my message has been deleted.

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    Swagatika, you are doing very well in ISC and your recent win as the Star of the Week, speaks on the same lines. Though from the deleted threads its not clear what exactly were the guidelines you flouted, but one basic guideline you flouted is, posting your response on a thread that was more than 10 days old. Do take care the next time. Ensure the date of the original posting of the thread, while responding. Also take care that your statements should not hurt the sentiments of others, let it be any xyz. Don't get carried away while putting counter arguments. That way you won't be flouting any guidelines.
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    I checked out that thread. A new member had pulled up the old thread. You responded after it and hence got a zero for that first response. Other members who responded to it got negative marking due to answering in that thread despite being members who are aware of not responding to old threads. Your subsequent thread also got negative marks for the same reason. While editors do make the effort to contact a new member & inform of any violation of rules, it may not be possible to do so each time due to giving priority to other work. So you have done the right thing by raising the query in the forum.

    Managing Editor,

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    @ VAndana , Thanks for your clarification.
    If it is about 10 days old post, then from next time I will keep it in mind before responding any post.
    This issue is solved kindly lock this thread.

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