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    How Indian Society would have been, if Britishers have never invaded India?

    Though the Britishers Ruled India for almost 200 years and Brutally suppressed Indians and their intrest in various fields, But there are lot of things which they imroved and imrovised in Indian society.
    How do you imagine todays Indian society without any invasion of britishers in the past?
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    Very simple. There are many countries in the world not invaded by the British, yet they have prospered well than the British. Samething would have happened to India too. We would have proved better than all other world countries. Even we would have invaded British and brought them under our control. (Not a joke)
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    Perhaps it is not absolutely correct to say that the Britishers 'invaded' India, the way Muslims invaded, despite the fact that both plundered India being of foreign origin.
    British rule acted as the transition period for Indians in getting rid of Muslim rule. Perhaps it would not have been possible for India to get freedom through non-violent means from the Muslim rulers. The British rule acted as a buffer zone in between the Muslim rule and the independent India.
    Thus the main contribution of British rule in India was to get rid of Muslim rulers and their tyrannical and bigot rule.
    The other major contribution of British rule had been introduction to modern systems of education and introduction of scientific thoughts and benefits of the mechanization of the western world.
    Who else could have eradicated social evils like 'sati' systems?
    They enabled Gandhi and Nehru like personalities to get modern education in the field of law in England and through them attaining our freedom.

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    Well, it's very difficult to predict what would have happened, had the Britishers not ruled over India. Things could have gone any way. Most probably, like the countries in Europe, India too would not have existed as a single country. All the present Indian states would have perhaps been independent countries of their own. It's the Britishers and the education system that they brought with them, united the country which ultimately benefitted us. The best thing we gained from the British is our democratic values. Had it not been for them, we would have perhaps still lived in a feudal world, dominated by medieval era customs and practices. I have this hunch that, had the Britishers ruled for 50 more years, India would have definitely been a prosperous and modern country. India would not have been divided by casteism and regionalism. Pakistan and Bangladesh would have been part of India, a stronger India.
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    Well today Britishers are gone.Do you see any difference today.There's none.
    We are still being ruled over just like it was always.
    Our ancestors had the purest of mind and soul.They would lay their lives in order to protect even a stranger.
    In olden days kings used to leave their brides or women in India during wars,because they thought no other place in world is safer than India for women.
    But today things have taken a drastic turn.
    When we were ruled by foreigners none of us was a Hindu,Muslim,Christian or a Sikh; we were all Indians.
    Our unity help us overthrow a giant.
    We are facing similar problems today,unfortunately we lack our unity.
    And we have this amazing ability to grasp evil better than good. Western culture comes with its own good and evil. We grasped the ideas that entertained us.
    I'd like to conclude by saying we won our country,but lost our dignity to Britishers .

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    In response to the thought mwntioned by sun
    As far as other countries are concerned which were not ruled by Britishers but still are prospered but in case of India its very different.
    As India is a very diverse country with so many different religion and cultures and in the past whole India was divided in small kingdom who were all indulge in fighting with each other.
    Don't you think that if Britishers were not there India's conditions would have been more worse under the rule of so many different kingdoms and such dictatorship and tyranny?
    If you analyse history of India Britishers invasion seems to be more benificial till the time there supressions reached to extreme level.
    Though Britishers policies to supress revolution in india with such brutility but We can't deny the imrovement and betterment of society done by Britishers.

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    I earlier missed this interesting thread. I always like to take part in this type of assumption-based discussion.

    If British people did not capture India, the most likely consequences would be:-

    (a) India would have adapted to industrial revolution fast and Indian scholars would have built hybrid utilities to compete with European mills. India always had an edge in science during the rule of Guptas, Mauryans and other Indian empires. It is quite likely that the successors of Marathas (most predominant force after the Mughals) would have helped India compete with the West in science and technology.

    (b) India would have had far less famines and deaths that came with the rule of outsiders like the East India company.

    (c) Indian Islam would have been more influenced by Sufism and Vaishnav-ism. By the time of Bahadur Shah's (the last Mughal ruler) regime, Muslim rulers were getting more tolerant towards the Hindu religious practices. For instance, many Persian scholars were translating the Upanishads and Vedas that eventually got the attention of European scholars. The Sufi tradition of Islam could have easily co-existed with Hinduism and even we could have had a hybrid religion.

    (d) India would have had current Pakistan and Bangladesh stay with it, and the holocaust during partition would have been avoided .

    [Of course, these are my own assumptions]

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