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    Do you think education is a business?

    Today so many schools and colleges are available in India. But still most of the childrens have not the facility for going school. Each school need a huge amount of money. Also there is students going in high standard schools, which has more facilities than government schools.
    At the same time in some of the states the government and other managements are closing schools due to the financial loss. I think most of the schools are only looking for the money. The authorities which closing the school will not think about the students studying in the school. Most of the parents are also searching for the financially high schools. What is your opinion? Are the schools only for business and the way to earning money?
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    Yes, I do think that the education has mostly become a business except for those who are serious toward studies. After 'roti, kapda aur makan' (food, clothes and shelter), the next requirements of the common man are healthcare followed by education. Education as a business is second only to the healthcare system. A blend of both can be seen in high capitation fee one is required to pay for getting a medical seat in a private medical college.
    In India, situation is peculiar due to existence of reservation system which exists no where in the world, the way it exists in India. This has led to fiercer competition and flourishing coaching industry. One has to pay a premium in the form of coaching industry fee and higher fee in private educational institutions.
    However, the meritorious one are still flourishing. They are burning midnight oil and are able to get admission in the premier institutes like IITs, NITs, IIMs and many such other institutions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, I strongly believe that education has become a business rather than sharing the wisdom of knowledge.
    There is heavy donation and fees now in almost every school and colleges. Not every one can afford such high fees. Also most of the people join course by paying extra fees in the name of management quota. Though they are not fit to get the admission in particular college, though they are not fit for the course, they have money, they spend the money and join the course and a person who is fit for course might not have sufficient money even for government fees and will opt for other course. Education these days is standing on money and not on the merit.

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    Absolutely! Present day education is nothing but a business. I saw an advertisement of a school, that they possess Air-conditioned class rooms, A/C bus for picking and dropping the children, swimming pool, specialized indoor-outdoor games, Karate classes, Music etc., By seeing this advertisement, many parents starts criticising the schools in which their children studying and commenting on the government schools. Apart from education such schools are providing much facilities and without knowing this parents got cheated.

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    Gone are days when the education Institutions were considered as temple of learning and teachers are the Gurus. Now the schools and colleges have become the business centers as most of these educational Institutions are either run by politicians or their close associates. Naturally a politician wont be thinking education a necessity social right, but instead spend his time and energy on how to increase the popularity of the college or school and through which he can get much admissions and reap money there after. Some schools and colleges are stooping to the level of writing good reviews in news papers which are paid and that cannot be taken for granted. One thing is sure with given fees structure of privates schools and colleges, the middle class are forced to take education loan even for the primary and high school education leave alone for Engineering and graduation which is any how imperative and compulsory.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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