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    Retirement of cricket players in India.

    In India there is a lot of fantastic cricket players make indian team to a highest level of cricket. Most of the such batsman are now not playing in team. All the peoples will told about the retirement of senior players and make aproper reason that , "we need to introduce new younger player to the indian team".
    There is some of the senior players in indian team those who wont get any good match before their retirement. I think that the BCCI needs to make suitable plans to help such players. Those star players which leads india to great winnings need a proper retirement match. What do you think about giving a last match for the players want to retire?
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    Besides being a sport, the cricket has risen up to the level of a very big earning opportunity or in other words a commercial or business activity. The star cricketers acquire celebrity status and earn several crores of rupees through endorsement of brands etc. , leave aside the high fee and awards/rewards they get for playing cricket. Therefore they try to continue as long as possible before announcing retirement. The people associated with them also get a piece of the cake and therefore continue to support them in continuing.
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