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    Disaster relief operation: a novel and extremely satisfying adventure

    Whenever we talk about adventure, we think about mountaineering, sea exploration, expedition to South Pole, cycling the world, hitch-hiking, trekking, scuba-diving, para-gliding, etc. Indeed people participate in various adventure activities to satisfy the inner belief in themselves. They want to prove their ability to themselves and also to the world. The adventure activities provide a 'kick' to them.

    However, I am now going to describe a different type of activity which many people think as boring or perceive simply as duty. Disaster relief operations have various aspects which are no less interesting than any other advantage activity. Have we ever considered the thrill of saving human lives stuck under the debris after an earthquake? Have we ever thought about the suspense of searching lives under the debris by sniffer dogs? The thrill of saving a child who has fallen in a well or deep ravine is incomparable. The challenge of shifting people from one place to another, because of terrorist threat or CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) threat cannot be replicated by any other adventure activity. Do you remember damage control exercises and relief operations undertaken by National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) of India in the aftermath of Fukushima disaster in Japan? Saving people from a high-rise building which has caught fire is an incomparable but extremely satisfying experience (Some of us most definitely have watched the movie: 'Towering Inferno'). The massive relief operation after Nepal earthquake and Koshi/Srinagar/Uttarakhand floods are also worth-mentioning in this context. No adventure activity can provide the challenge, planning, thrill and satisfaction involved in relief operations.

    From my personal experience I can state without any iota of doubt that disaster relief operation is a novel adventure which, at the same time, provides extreme satisfaction of saving human lives and properties.

    Do you want to get involved in disaster relief operations? 'Do you have it in you?'

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    The duties performed by the fire fighters are also similar in nature. As a matter of fact, prior to constitution of organizations like National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF), only the fire fighters used to perform such rescue and relief operations in the cities where they existed. In the rural areas, only the enterprising and courageous individuals used to take care of such responsibilities.
    The scale of operations carried out by NDRF, other such organizations and Army during the Kedarnath shrine tragedy in the year 2013 is a glaring example of such courageous and brave acts which were no less than adventurous in nature.
    However, sporadic instances of plundering even during such tragic eventualities by certain unscrupulous elements of the society, is an ugly blemish on even such a noble cause.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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