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    Do senior citizens feel jealous about youths?

    Legally I am a senior citizen. As defined vide section 2(h) of the 'Maintenance and welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 ', a senior citizen means any person being a citizen of India, who has attained the age of sixty years or above.
    At this mature age, I am not going to tell lies.
    I often feel jealous about youths.
    I wish I could revert back to my youth phase and do certain things like performing adventurous activities like river rafting, sky diving, parachuting etc. which actually I could not. There are few other such unfulfilled wishes.
    Am I insane?
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    The reaction will vary from person to person. So far as I am concerned, I don't feel jealous about today's Gen X, simply because I still consider myself a young man at heart.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I feel the senior citizen does not feel jealous on the youth. May be they wouldn't have done something that they wanted to and for that they will regret but not feel jealous that a youth is doing it. If a senior citizen has a dream that was not fulfilled, then he likes to see those dreams fulfilled by his children and he support his children in doing that. Of course, adventurous activities like river rafting, sky diving, parachuting etc. cannot be done by a senior citizen but not every youth also will like to indulge in such activities. There is a generation gap, what we experience is not experienced by our elders and what our next generation will experience, we may not experience. So I feel, the question of jealousy does not exist.

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    Feel fortunate.You aren't insane.
    Maybe it's just because you think you can't do the things you used to do as a youngster.Actually the youth never dies. We all have a little child inside waiting for the right opportunity.Release that child out,don't worry about society.Keep feeding that child with happiness .
    Don't resist and don't keep telling yourself you are old.

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    It is too much. Instead of feeling jealous , you should feel proud of being an old guy to guide the youths in a right direction. You should feel young, but never try to involve in youth activities.

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    There was one scene in a Tamil serial of Television. Two old men were sitting in a park by talking about their family problems. At that time some small children were sitting by their side and playing with much pleasure. Among this two old man one asked another as he was staring at the children as,'Why, do you feel jealous on them as we cannot feel pleasure like them?'. The other man told the first,'No,No, we lived a tremendous life with much struggles and even though we are feeling disappointed but when seeing this children, I am just pitying on them about their future. Like this no senior citizen feel jealous on youths but really feel pity on them as present day youth are mad in many things now itself, as one person marries cell phone (refer

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    Yes as we get on to the age, slowly we are accustomed to stereo type living of life and we feel dejected and sidelined as we cannot live like the youth of today. I have been watching the dressing sense of youth who goes with half pant, T shirt, gogles and above all smart phone in the hand. They enjoy the daily life in costly bikes which are sponsored by the parents. Some of the youths wont go to college or work, they simply live on the parents pocket money and enjoy the life. God never gave such chances to us. At the young age itself, we have taken family responsibility and there fore we know more sorrows and faced much challenges and enjoyed very feeble.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    In my opinion, Senior citizens will never feel jealous about the youth. We fulfill our dreams and adventures with youth like our son, daughter, grand son and daughter. This make pleasure in every Senior citizens heart. You should always kept mind in relax.

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    Age is only in a person's mind. It is nothing but a number. After the horrible partition in 1947, many people started their new life in India at an advanced age, and even then they ultimately became successful in life. So, anybody can start life on a new/clean slate at any age.

    One of my relatives was a very famous professor of Mathematics in West Bengal. Now he is 85. Even today he is mentally very active and is teaching his grandsons and granddaughters with full vigour. Even today he remains extremely busy at his home. Same thing applies to my father.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    A person who is old by age but not in heart always enjoys his or her life. It all depends on the attitude of the person. At the age of 70, I undertake self driving long journeys on my four wheeler and enjoy my drive. I am learning to play Keyboard Instrument going to the coaching center. Majority of the learners are young people. One of my classmates is 8 year old. We are never old if we have a young heart. I never envy the younger generation. In a way we had a better life in our childhood than the present generation. All the activities you mentioned can be performed by you if you are in good health.
    With regards

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I'm still a Youth and I don't think my opinion is valid here but still I would like to share my views on this topic. At least I can compare myself with people younger than you and make comments on this post. When it comes to enjoying their life, every person irrespective of their age factor will have some amusement in their life with which they can enjoy their life. But as others mentioned in the post, it is what you think about yourself in your heart. If you feel yourself young then there is no way that you will feel jealous about anything.

    I take inspiration from my Guru Dr. Viswanatha Sarma. Even at the age of 94 he was highly inspiring to this youth students. He used to always tell that it is just the body that gets aged and become incapable of doing certain things but the Soul never gets aged and it doesn't understand the aging factor at all. It will always remain fresh and enthusiastic if you treat it that way.

    So from this thought I would also like to take some positive things to keep my mind and heart always young. Inquisitive nature is also very helpful to retain the youthfulness in your mind.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

    Quote: "It doesn't matter what we want. once we get it, then we want something else."

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    Age is but a number. There are instances where people have achieved much more than the average youth, despite their age. There is no need to be jealous of another's abilities. Yes, the youth have age on their side, but unless they have the will to do something that age does not matter.

    Adventure sports give a certain thrill and adrenalin rush. Senior citizens can set small achievable targets of getting and staying fit. In doing so, they can build and improve their stamina and endurance power. Setting small goals to attain specific physical fitness is a sure-shot way of leading a life that they dream.

    Nothing is impossible, really. You just need the drive and want something so bad that you become willing to go all out to make it happen. Senior citizen's need to keep themselves physically fit and mentally alert to be able to delve in adventure sports – ironically the same is true for the youth too.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    Selection of the word 'jealousy' may or may not be appropriate, but I was just trying to become less hypocrite in admitting. I do feel some sensation on watching the youths.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I've heard many senior citizens saying 'Only if I had the energy and body like I had 40 years back..'. Being jealous is totally human. But there is no use in being jealous. There are innumerous things people can do at any age. So what's the use of lamenting on things we can't do especially for a reason that's totally out of our control, like ageing.

    The situation you mentioned is not just limited to senior citizens. Even youngsters like us come across such situations. As a kid, I could never go on a water theme park as I was susceptible to catching cold more frequently those days. I envied my friends who went in groups to such parks. Even at this moment, there are hundreds out there who are rappelling, sky diving, skiing etc. But what's the use of being jealous?

    We humans have a broad skill set. We can easily become passionate in whatever we do if we put our heart into it. We can seek adventure in everything that we do. We just don't brainstorm ways we can do that. I once read an article about how a dancer, who at the peak of her career had to amputate her leg due to an accident, returned to the industry by using all her skills other than dancing. She found ways she could make the best use of her skills. She just refused to stay distraught and jealous of her contemporaries.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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    It is but human tendency to always feel gravitated towards things which are impossible/difficult to have or do. This is why we always wait to grow up when we are children and then again, long to go back to childhood once we have grown up. I feel that probably you have used the word jealous in just a lighter sense. So, I wouldn't say you are insane but just as normal as anyone else. We all have such small expectations which don't get fulfilled. Nevertheless, we are also fortunate to have experienced so many good things which others might not have. Life is filled with happiness when we feel blessed for what we have. No one else could have been fortunate enough to have had our challenges too! So the best thing to do is feeling blessed for what life gave you and focus on positive thoughts.

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    @ Kailash ji, what ever thinking at older age, I am thinking from right now, why did not I do that things two year back, it is not all about adventitious like parachuting, jumbojump or swimming, it is all about all activities, I can not say this is just a jealous, this might be our wish to do that, as every day we are witness about new products and services. As when I use Facebook, my younger generation is using before reaching at my age, so they definitely learning faster than me, but again the generation and learning is changing day by day, what ever you learnt in past , we might not get chance to learn that due to we are learning other things in different way.

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