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    Have you invented anything?

    I am interested in inventing some new techniques that will help in our daily life. Sometime we will try to make some objects from some waste or broken things. In our house, if anything get damaged and then we try to fix it in our own way. Such type of activities sometime generate a new object. Most of the people will make some simple objects that will help for their household purpose. From the early days our grandfathers will make some tools for supporting their jobs. I think most of the farmers will makes anything that will be helpful for their cultivation. Small childrens also makes houses and other playing objects. But when we become mature, i think most people donot give importance for such activities. I am interests in your inventions.
    So i want to know about the inventions made by the ISC members.
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    At their own level, individuals perform many such activities which are specific to their own requirements. Such activities cannot be said to be invention.
    There is a popular word in northern parts of India know as 'jugaad' which generally means innovative fixes often by flouting the norms, rules or set standards.
    Sometimes we come across news about some farmer who develops some innovative solution to a problem of routine nature. However often such solutions have local applications only.
    The discoveries or inventions which are universal in nature and useful for the mankind as a whole, are perhaps worthy of being called as inventions.
    Going by this standard, we can see that in India there had been almost nil inventions and discoveries in modern times. How long we will go on repeating discoveries made in the distant past.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Correct the title. Use "Have " instead of "Are".

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