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    People talking with sarcasm

    I have come across so many people who are sarcastic. This sarcasm sometimes hurts the listener. What ever should be told has to be told in a normal way and should not hurt others by sarcastic nature. Why do people be sarcastic and what do they get out of that?
    For some people sarcasm is like their hobby and they be sarcastic almost every time and being with people is really very annoying.
    Have you come across such people? How do you handle them? Do you fight for their behaviour or just ignore?
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    Sarcasm may not necessarily hurt. It depends on the people involved. If you are in a comfortable relationship with the the other person and you say something sarcastic, it will likely be taken in the right spirit & the recipient will see the humour in it rather than be hurt. You can refer to the earlier interesting forum discussion on humour vs wit vs sarcasm.
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    When a choice is available and such habits of the individuals are not liked, then it is better to gradually withdraw from such people and close the relationship or maintain it only superficially.
    The actual problem lies in the fact that when the people don't like such people and are not in a position to abandon relationships also with such people.
    All individuals are unique and have their own styles of functioning. We have no control over others. Perhaps it is better to focus on one's own affairs instead of trying to become a social reformer or an universal teacher.
    Many people become butt of a sarcasm because of their tendency to often play smart while talking to others. The individuals cut them to their size by sarcastic remarks.
    There is no age of learning. One continues to learn throughout his/her life. Minding one's own business is a very valuable learning which comes after many trials and tribulations.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For the unfamiliar and not habituated, sarcasm can cause hurt. Otherwise sarcasm gives opportunity for a joint humour and self introspection.

    It is always better to be exposed to some doses of sarcasm to save sensitive situations in life later on.

    In the hands of experienced and expert, sarcasm is a buffer between the silly and serious situation. If properly taken and learning to adapt and retort, sarcasm also helps the sensitive to become all-weather proof.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Well here's a fact sarcasm shows your intelligence level.
    Which means sarcastic people are highly intelligent. Now it's in their genes right?We can't help it.
    But there are ways to deal with them.
    Most effective way would be telling them on face.
    Otherwise kill them with your kindness.
    I've got few friends who are sarcastic. I kill them with my polite behavior.
    That's the right thing to do.

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