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    When generally people comb their hair first time in a day?

    When we get up in the morning after sleeping overnight, our hairs are generally totally disheveled and need to be tidied by combing. I am curious to know as to what may be the best and most appropriate time to comb the hair first time in the day after rising.
    Should one go straight to the mirror and come out of the bedroom only after combing the hair or one may wait for sometime say up to the time of taking a bath etc.

    When generally people comb their hair first time in a day?
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    People comb their hair first in the morning because hair will be messed up after waking up from the bed. People don't feel comfortable with messed up hair and wants to keep hair tidy so they comb the hair in the morning. Other reason for combing before taking bath is to avoid the hair getting wet while taking bath. If person does not wish to wash hair and if hair is not tied properly, it will get wet. So to avoid that hair is tied properly and that practise is continued everyday. There is nothing like good time to comb the hair. Some people have the habit of combing hair frequently and trying various styles.

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    After rising from the bed, generally we set our hair with our own fingers and palm. Our fingers too does the job of a comb. The general practice is to comb our hair prior to leaving our home.

    While ladies can get up and put up a rubber band on their hair, men cannot do it due to the short hair length. So, hand is the first comb used after rising from the bed. A proper comb is used after the bath or before leaving home without a bath.

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