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    Sending children to tuition is necessary or is it a trend?

    These days we see almost everyone send their child to tuition. Even an L.K.G kid is sent to tuition in the evening. When I was a student, I went to tuition coaching only in my 12th and rest of the times, I studies myself. My friends who did not go to tuition even in 12th have secured a very good marks and now in a very big position in MNC. When everyone have the capabilities of studying on their own, then why are children sent to tuition. I feel sending to tuition has become a trend. If someone has sent her kid for coaching classes, then neighbour also has to do the same and show she is no less and send her kid to tuition. Here competition is more in parents than in children and they are spoiling the childhood of their kids by not give privacy to do as they like. Even if kid feels tuition is not necessary, he/she has to go because parents have asked them to. I feel tuition has become a trend rather than necessity.
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    The parents are the best teachers. Nobody else can teach the children better than the parents themselves as nobody knows the children better than the parents themselves. Also no tuition teacher can take more pains in teaching a child than his/her parents. The tuition teachers are merely doing a commercial activity. Their primary concern and objective is to earn money, not to develop the child.
    Therefore the parents should teach/tutor their children themselves instead of sending the same to neighborhood tuition teachers. I think most of the parents are educated nowadays and can teach their children at least up to primary level. As far changes in teaching methodologies and curriculum etc. is concerned, the parents can upgrade themselves up to the required level.
    It is totally unwise, to say the least, to copy others and take decisions according to what the neighbors are doing.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, my view is it has been a fad. Parents just feel to keep in tune with others who send their wards to the private tuitions. I, for one am strongly against this practice. I have never sent my 11 year old son for tuitions and will never do that.

    It also has something to do with the teachers from the schools who surreptitiously indulge in providing private tuitions. They encourage their students to enroll for their own tuition classes. Deliberate attempts are made to degrade the quality of education in the class so that the student is forced to enroll for the private classes.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I am also studied by going tuition class. That time only the students have some difficulties in study are going for tuition. But in current education system all students are going to tuition class. It is not by the wants of their own. I think all students are going only due to the pressure of parents. But sending childrens into tuition in the primary classes are very bad. Children needs to play in such time. But this kind of education now become the earnings for senior students. Most of the well educated persons are arranging home tuitions. So the parents also interest in that. But the children in lower primary classes not need any tuition. Such tuition will make stress in their mind and it is a bad idea according to mine.

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    My view in case sending tuition is only when the child is poor or below average in studies. But nowadays, the children are forced to undergo tuition whether studying good/bad/super. The main motto, I think, to escape from the dealing with the children in the evening hours as there is no time for parents. In some cases parents are compromising that they should score high marks and intending to stood first in the class etc., But the pity in this is the real needy students are neglected.

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    I completely agree that most parents enroll their kids to tuitions as most other parents in their circle did so while others do so as they don't have time to teach their kids, who are in 10th or higher grades, especially after coming back from work.
    Although Tuitions are surely not compulsory but we must not cast them out as unnecessary. The benefit of tuitions goes way beyond making failed kids pass.
    Leaving aside the infrastructure, the personal attention given by a tuition teacher makes a huge difference. This attention is not akin to the attention given by parents. Tuition teachers are much more focused professionally on the student than a parent. This focused attention makes a huge difference in the way the student sees the subject and gauges his potential. Let me explain.
    In my school days, I used to be a diligent student. I didn't have a problem in passing mathematics. But I never liked it much. That's why I settled for the average marks I scored in that subject. So, my parents never felt the need to put me a tuition for that. In my 8th grade, I somehow ended up taking a tuition for that too. The next exam I ended up topping my class on the subject. The teacher somehow made me see the beauty of mathematics.
    Normal school teachers have less chance of doing this, due to the high student to teacher ratio whereas parents aren't experts on all subjects.

    So, although tuition is a fad and musn't be a compulsory, enrolling in it surely does have benefit.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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    This has two part. I can not stand any of the side fully. As tuition some time is compulsory due to the competition world. and some time by sending tuition from childhood we are getting away from our children.
    SO it all depend upon your availability of time, suppose both parents are working then it might necessary to send tutions but if wife ( the lady who stay at house as house wife) can take the responsibility and can guide the child for getting knowledge from basic level.
    Because if we think tuition is fashion this is wrong, in this competition world every body wants there children to stay at top by gaining more and more knowledge and experience.

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