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    How do you see two people sharing food from a same plate, do you consider such sharing good or bad?

    Often in many cultures peoples thinks that eating from same bowl sharing samr bread as sharing of love. But not everyone thinks it good and people hesitate while eating the same peace of bread or chpati that any other person has eaten.
    These kinds of things and habbits can be seen in school going children who shares their tiffin durring lunch some hesitate while some kids are very comfertable in eating food from anyones tiffin.
    How do you see such sharing of food?
    Do you hesitate when some acquintance asks you to eat something from the same bowl or you feel comfertavle?
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    It depends on people on how they take it. I have shared food like that with my friends and I was comfortable about it. But I am not comfortable sharing food with all my friends. I would share it only few friends who were clean and tidy. But some people don't like to share with anyone and feel it to be dirty. It completely depends on a person's mind. But I feel there is nothing wrong or dirty in sharing with friends and long as the person is comfortable with it.

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    Frankly speaking, I absolutely hate this practice. This practice of sharing food from the same plate by more than one person is unhygienic, but it is prevalent in Delhi and other parts of North India. Generally Bengalis don't follow this.
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    Besides thinking about the hygienic etc., it is not seems to be nice in public place. There was a habit among then wife to eat in the same plate or leaf after the husband ate. But nowadays that habit or practice have been mostly vanished. I do hesitate to feed to my brother's daughter (6 years old) from my plate in the house. If happened to feed her in the marriage halls and hotels I used to eat myself not by sipping/licking.

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    Between close relationships like spouse, parent and child etc sharing food from one plate or one spoon does not make it offensive or disgusting. In fact that cements the closeness.

    Sometimes close friends with almost similar level of hygiene and food habits also do not mind sharing from one plate. It is very commonly seen that students drink water from the same bottle .

    However with strangers or not so close people such things become even offensive. In hygienic sense also it is not advisable.

    The first two para given situations the environment is almost same for the sharing individuals. It is a custom and cultivated habit that when sharing food, the partners ensure that they do not touch the spoon or hand to their mouth and put food to the mouth from a few millimetres at least from mouth. This is taught even from childhood among siblings at home. Then it becomes easy and practical outside also.

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    In the eyes of public we become a low standard man if we eating in same plate. But i think all the persons who came after school and college days will not feel any bad things about such kinds of activity. In my class there is 10 boys and in lunch we will share our food to all. It mean that first we take one of the packet and eat it completely by 10 members and take the next packets. We never feel that it is shame. In our college days it is good memory. But in the public functions we donot follow the same method. It is due to the situation. But some persons will not feel better to such method.

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    Well in close friendships sharing food on single bowl or plate is always possible and we should not mind about it. But I have seen a community where in many people eat on a single plate served item and that seems to be very annoying and not acceptable. I had been to one of the close friend family wedding and they are Khoja Muslims. It seems they eat the food served on the single big plate and when I questioned them why that so, they replied that by eating in a community way, there cannot be difference between rich and poor or have and haves not. But I have seen more commotion than eating properly or orderly. Surely In India we have many religions and their ways to ponder over.
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    I may or may not feel 'comfertavle' (read comfortable) depending on the circumstances. However I don't have a 'habbit' ( read habit) of sharing food in the same plate with strangers.
    I remember having read one story long back about sharing of food. One of the invaders had attacked India and the Indian forces were fighting the battle fiercely frustrating the efforts of the enemy forces. The invader's army was almost on the verge of taking a decision to return back. However, during night time, the commander of the enemy forces looked toward the Indian army's side and noticed that a number of 'chulah' ( open hearth for cooking food) were burning on the side of Indian army. On inquiring from the knowing people, the commander was told that in India there are many caste and they cook their food separately.
    The commander smiled and said that there is no need of returning. The Indian army can be easily defeated, because when they cannot share their food with their brethren , then how they can unite in fighting. Next day, he attacked with renewed vigor and won the battle.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I'm personally against sharing food from the same plate. I consider this unhygienic. Though it is part of my culture, I did not understand the importance of it in my young age. But it was a practice that was thought to me by my grandmother in my young age. So as a practice I have a great hesitant towards sharing food in the same place. Already we are exposed to various germs and diseases due to various factors. I personally feel it is good to avoid such situations. Our culture has always avoided physical contact. That's why we don't share hands to greet someone but we hold our hands together to say Namasthe.

    In the recent research they have found out that by shaking hand germs are transferred from one person to another person easily. And the immune system of every person is not the same. So in my point of view it is good to avoid sharing of food where exchange of saliva can happen. I also remember once a doctor in a lecture mentioned that one person's saliva is not good for other person. If they have diseases, it will also affect the other person.

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    Normally There is no English word for Jootha ( eaten by some one or leftover food in plate by some one else).
    As it generally common practice among school children, but while growing up they are cautious about the hygiene as well as the eating habits of your plate sharing partner. SO some one does not like to share food from same plate. Might be they share Chapati, Poori, Vada etc ( dry fruits) but might not like to share gravy items which is need to put hand or fingers. But we are very much aware in Temples, ( I am talking about Lord Jagannath Temple) we drink the Tanka pani torani ( it is prepared from curd, curry leafs, mustard seed tampering etc) drink from same glass by thousands of devotees,and there is no feelings of this Jootha.

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